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First: Super learning ability

Learning ability is the foundation of leadership ability, super learning ability, in general, is to spend the least amount of learning time, to obtain the greatest learning effect. This is any kind of learning method are pursuing the highest realm, is also the ultimate dream of every learner.

Learning is actually a complete process: receiving information - associating understanding - practicing feedback.Forbes 30 Under 30 In this day and age, there is one ability that will never go out of fashion, and that is the ability to learn. Output is the ultimate skill to acquire the ability to learn, and the combination of decoding and output can form a complete and efficient learning path. In a nutshell, it is to spend the least amount of learning time to get the maximum learning effect.

Second: Public Speaking Ability

No one is born very good at talking, the master speaker on the stage is not a student all of a sudden to improve the exit, that is because they carry out behind the scenes rehearsal for countless times as a result!Fortune 40 under 40 list The core business lifeblood issue of public speaking is that we have to have a role in the audience; landing is the audience to take some action. You empower others. Speech is a set of management tools, good hearted people with speeches can change the world, the wrong hearted people are the same with speeches to spread rumors on the Internet!

Third: Superb Leadership

Improving leadership skills is about shaping them constantly, dealing with problems rationally, summarizing experience to draw conclusions, and then putting them into practice. And for today's world, to become a business leader you must practice more, summarize more, and so on, and keep improving.

Fourth: the ability to communicate efficiently

Communication is an objective necessity for interpersonal relationships and a tool for people to convey their intentions, solve problems, and unify their thoughts. Excellent leaders need to develop excellent communication skills. As a leader, you can't clearly convey information, express intent, and motivate others to take action, so just having information is completely unhelpful. Most business leaders are excellent communicators. Good communication will make your work, life, and relationships more successful. Effective communication is a two-way street. Interpersonal communication is not just about the eloquence of the leader, but also about the unexpected results that can be achieved by sincere listening.

Fifth: Long-term strategic decision-making ability

Modern society is characterized by rapid change and a large amount of information. In this case, it is necessary to have a grasp of the trend, the ability to see far, from the complexity of the process of change out of a line to see the problem, see the opportunity to make the right decision. Look at Li Ka-shing's decision-making, and then look at the developed countries behind, are based on the correct strategic decision-making.

Good decision-making issues need to need good implementation of innovative capabilities, we emphasize the past implementation. In fact, it is the ability to manage the strategy, whether a country can be successful, not only the implementation, but also the students of the correct decision-making, good resources sectoral cooperation, high-quality personnel, stable social development relationships, strong teamwork, this knowledge is the implementation of the wisdom above the real important factors.

Sixth: the ability to educate

The best education method is "indoctrination". Although there is only one word difference between "indoctrination" and "education", the skillfulness of the means is far from being comparable to education. The power of example is to inspire and promote the development of the national intellectual and spiritual community.

Seventh: the ability to harness resources and design business models

The reason why business models are so important now is that resources have become particularly important in this world, with the ability to generate new resources.

Eighth: the ability to build a management system

The essence of business is people, and the process of gathering people is one of us so. We also need the power of call, appeal, leadership charisma. Business leaders must have the enterprise positioning information system, enterprise control system, market network marketing service system, salary system management control system, financial control system, staff work promotion system, enterprise traditional culture education system, self-cultivation system and other eight systems of cultivation!

Ninth: Integration of resources, organizational strength

A group is a force. At the same time, a group must have a leader to recognize and lead this force in order to form a stable organization. Once an organization has a certain spirit, it can lead a part of the people to do things in the right direction and to do meaningful things.

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