Before many people went into debt and went bankrupt, their lives should have been pretty good. They might have had stable jobs, or started their own companies, had their own careers, and quite a few had cars and houses.

It can be said that many people were the envy of their relatives and friends at that time.

But there are natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances.ofw loan without ccsl After being heavily in debt and going bankrupt, all the wealth that was originally accumulated was reduced to nothing overnight.

I particularly like a sentence, which can be used to describe the ups and downs of our lives: After decades of hard work,personal loan calculator we can return to before liberation.

It is conceivable that after debt and bankruptcy, the quality of life is reduced, the status gap is different, and the original relatives and friends may turn into creditors who come to the house every day to collect debts.student loan This uncomfortable feeling can only be experienced personally. Only by experiencing it can you understand.

What should I do if I owe money to relatives and friends?

First of all, we divide it into two situations, and the suggestions are different in different situations.

1. Borrowed money from relatives and friends

If the total amount you owe to relatives and friends is less than 200,000, then quickly find a way to repay them in the shortest possible time, whether it is working part-time or selling assets.

In terms of repayment order, repay the one with the best relationship to you first. If you think you still want this relative or friend in the future.

If you owe relatives and friends a total amount of more than 200,000 yuan, you will definitely not be able to pay it back in a while. If you can pay it back in 3 to 4 years, it is considered very good. At this time, what you want to think about is not about repaying the loan as soon as possible, but about talking to relatives and friends.

The purpose of the heart-to-heart talk is to express two things. The first is to express that you have not forgotten the debt, but it is difficult now and you will definitely pay it back in the future. The second thing is to tell relatives and friends directly that it may take 2 to 3 years to repay the money, giving them a psychological expectation and avoiding coming back to you for debt collection in a month or two.

Then when it comes to repayment, you must be discerning and always understand the financial status of these relatives and friends. When you know that some friends or relatives are encountering financial difficulties, you must take the initiative to care and greet them. No matter how much you repay, just do your best. .

If you don't take the initiative, once he takes the initiative to ask you, it will not be a question of repaying how much he has, but he will ask you how much he lacks, and you will be very embarrassed.

2. Get loans in various forms from outside.

You must remember that no matter how much money you owe outside, if you owe money to relatives or friends, you must pay them back first.

The reason is very simple. If you have no friends, you can make new friends. But if you have no relatives, you really have no friends. Some people say they don’t care whether they have relatives or not. In fact, this is a sign of immaturity. People themselves are social animals. Don’t underestimate the power of family and blood relationships.

If the amount you owe outside is relatively small, less than 500,000, and you don’t want to worry about it anymore and want to live a stable life in the future, then the family can work hard to repay the loan together, and you can pay it off in 4-5 years.

If the amount of debt you owe is relatively large, like millions, I think it is difficult to have hope by working part-time. The only way to fight is not to repay the debt first, but to work to save some money first, and then find relatives. It's okay to borrow a little from a friend and do some business later, so there is still hope of turning around with hard work.

In fact, going into debt and bankruptcy is also a very test of your character. After you go into debt, what kind of attitude do your relatives and friends around you have towards you? In fact, from the side, it also reflects your normal personality. Therefore, whether you have money or not, you must be low-key in your daily life.

In this life, no matter how awesome a person is, there will come a time when he asks for help from others.

As for the people who are often willing to help you repeatedly, besides relatives, who else can you think of? So no matter how much debt you owe outside, you must put the money of relatives and friends first.

Suddenly a sentence came to mind and I changed a part of it slightly: You can't lose money if you have nothing, and you can't lose family ties if you lose anything.