cold chain

As a big country in production, consumption and trade of agricultural products, China has been upgrading the production and operation mode of agricultural products as well as the close connection between agricultural production and modernized circulation and urban market.cold chain With the upgrading of China's agricultural products production and management methods and end-consumption services, agricultural products need to be of higher quality at the consumer's table, which requires cold chain logistics to provide protection in the transportation and storage process.

Cold chain logistics is a product-specific temperature control system supply chain, which is established with the progress of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology. Its main purpose is to ensure that products are kept at the necessary low temperatures during storage,cold warehouse transportation, distribution and retailing to ensure product safety so that consumers can still enjoy good quality at the time of purchase.

The role of food cold chain is becoming more and more significant in the transportation of fresh products such as dairy products, poultry and aquatic products. In addition, besides agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, restaurant chains and FMCG are also the main transportation commodities in the food cold chain. With the development and construction of transportation and logistics and the improvement of the level of cold chain technology, China's fresh agricultural products cold chain logistics industry has also developed strongly, which not only promotes the development of rural construction, but also reduces the waste of agricultural products.

Cold chain logistics monitoring system can help cold chain logistics better realize temperature and humidity control:

Intelligent Collector: It automatically collects data and transmits them to the intelligent gateway according to the time nodes, with superb signal transmission distance capability, can work independently for more than 360 days, and effectively stores 57,000 sets of data. Its compact size can be deployed in different areas at any time, with wireless function, easy to use.

Intelligent Gateway: Equipped with a display screen, it receives the latest collected data and uploads it to the cloud management server at regular intervals. It can effectively store 300000 groups of data and can remotely set the alarm interval value. When abnormal detection data is received, it will trigger local sound and light alarm. Even if the utility power is cut off, it can still work continuously for more than 2*24 hours.

Cloud management platform: automatically receives and stores monitored environmental data. It can monitor the whole process of storage, transportation and distribution of temperature and humidity sensitive products. At the same time, it can also monitor the whole process of the internal environment of the equipment. When the monitored data exceeds the preset interval value or when the gateway is disconnected, it will automatically send an alarm message to the relevant personnel. Recorded data can be displayed in the form of tables, curves, etc., which is more intuitive and easy to understand. Relevant personnel can compare and analyze the monitoring data of collectors of the same type of testing environment and draw curve reports automatically.