In today's Chinese society, you can't deny that having an attractive appearance will definitely make it easier for your staff.

How can you increase external appeal in the simplest and most direct way?

Skin is hydrated and radiant

How can I improve my complexion and skin glow?


In vegetables, dha algal oil in milk carotene is a natural pigment such as lycopene and pigments in fruits such as tomatoes and red peppers, as well as beta-carotene in radishes and leafy greens, which can be stored in the lower layers of the skin and provide many benefits.

Increase skin glow

Many studies have shown that the carotenoids in green leafy vegetables, beta carotene coloring lutein and zeaxanthin, can improve skin texture. A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that carotenoids in fruits can make skin smooth, smooth, and attractive.

Antioxidant effect

Maintaining your youthful looks is also key to being culturally attractive. Vitamin E, vitamin C and carotenoids are three of the main antioxidant active substances in a natural healthy diet. They can use the company's own structural design characteristics to stabilize excess electrons in free radicals, prevent cell aging, and thus delay human aging.

Protect the eyes and improve the eyesight

Eyes are the window to the soul, a pair of beautiful eyes will make your charm double. Cabio Biotech Like natural eye drops, carotenoids act like natural eye drops, keeping the cornea lubricates and transparent, preventing cataracts, helping to protect the fibrous part of the lens, and having a good health effect on the eyes.

According to an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, carotenoids are also effective in reducing the incidence of cataracts.

Carotenoids have been shown to be an antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-mutagenic agent that has been shown to be very effective in promoting health, especially in today's highly unstable and complex environmental and food safety issues, and can be even more effective and helpful to us. Today, let's learn more about physiological carotenoids.

The product is most suitable for the elderly and people exposed to mutagenic factors. In real life, there are many factors that can accelerate aging and lead to mutations, so it is vulnerable to radiation and contamination. Poor eating habits and smokers are also suitable for Nutrilite natural carotenoid capsules.

Radiation, the radiation that modern people are most easily exposed to is mainly from Chinese mobile phones and computers.

Pollution, including all forms of environmental pollution, such as air pollution, the misuse of pesticides and pesticides.

Poor eating habits, especially excessive intake of pickled products and moldy foods.

Smoking is also an important mutagenic factor because the free radicals in the oil and smoke of cigarettes are harmful to the body.

Aging is something that everyone has to face but doesn't want to face, especially girls, who want to keep the beauty of youth forever. In fact, the aging of the body is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in the various organs of our body. Due to the aging and weakening of the body organs, the elderly gradually lose their original functions, the body resistance becomes poor, and they are prone to various diseases. Therefore, scientific nutrition measures must be taken in order to really play its anti-aging role from the inside out.

With the discovery of modern social science and technology research in China, it has become a business possibility to slow down the speed of aging and promote the development of students' physical and mental health by learning some active substances. Among the active ingredients that have been discovered, carotenoids have excellent performance in delaying aging, anti-mutation *, and promoting economic health.

Mutagen: fried or baked food; Nitrite and mold in food; Environmental pollution such as radiation and heavy metals.

Physiological function of carotenoids

1 Anti-oxidation, anti-aging

Modern science has proved that human aging is closely related to the oxidation of cells, and the free radicals of oxidizing cells are one of the reasons for human aging. The influence of environmental factors and bad living habits will accelerate the production of free radicals in daily life, and the production of free radicals too much or too slow will destroy healthy cells and accelerate the aging process of the body.

Carotenoids are experts at scavenging free radicals. It prevents free radical peroxidation from damaging the body and helps slow down the aging process.

2 Anti-mutation

Under harsh conditions or under the influence of external factors, cell division is often prone to errors. If such an error accumulates repeatedly, it may lead to cell mutations, so that the cell growth of local tissues in the body is out of control, resulting in local tissue abnormalities in the body. Mutations in somatic cells can cause cancer, and mutations in germ cells can lead to fetal abnormalities.

The occurrence and development of cancer must go through at least three different stages: initial mutation, cancer promotion and evolution. The primary mutation of cells is caused by the repeated attack of cytoplasmic mutagenic substances, which causes DNA damage without improving repair and causes gene mutation of tissue cells. Initial mutation is one of the most important problems in the development of cancer.

By protecting the body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, carotenoids maintain the stability of genetic material and prevent cell mutations.

Genetic material refers to the material that controls the inheritance and variation of biological traits, that is, the material that transmits genetic information between parents and children.

3 Other physiological effects

Carotenoids are also broken down in the body and converted into vitamin A, which regulates the immune system.