pdf conversion

1. PDF format has cross-platform support, such as Mac, Win, Android, IOS and other systems.

2. The advantage of pdf format is that there is no need to change the format can be viewed across devices.online pdf conversion free For example, our word document, will be opened by a computer, the layout will often change, great.

3. PDF can be read on multiple platforms without installing special conversion, for example, we use a large number of formatted documents, you need to install the appropriate professional software to view, and PDF can be opened directly in Windows 10, many browsers directly open, QQ directly view, cell phones directly view the advantages.

4. Support for video, sound, text, pictures, animation and other forms of media.scanned pdf to word converter online

5. A very large number of software companies can support the development of direct export pdf files, such as Photoshop, indesign, Illustrator, CAD is too much, not to name a few.

6. High compression ratio, the same clarity, PDF file size is very small, easy to carry and transfer.

7. You can freely set the permissions of the pdf file, such as restricting editing, opening, printing, copying, setting passwords and so on.

8. Restrictions on changes and copying can protect the rights and interests of the author. If it is used as an electronic contract, invoice, etc., it is an advantage that it can not be changed.

9. PDF format support for vector graphics can be said to be very friendly, in particular, it can zoom in and out of graphics without affecting the clarity of graphics.

10. PDF format document management page layout are a fixed, so we need to print when the teacher can pass without worrying about the problem of formatting errors.

11. PDF document size is relatively small, open the speed than the speed of the text much faster. Some people have calculated that, for more than 10MB of documents, open PDF speed than the speed of open text 3 to 4 seconds faster, reducing the waiting time, people will feel better.

12. PDF mixed-text case, the layout will be better, the visual experience will be better. PDF e-books produced with the texture of the paper book and reading effect, you can vividly show the original appearance of the original book, the display size can be adjusted at will to provide readers with a personalized way of reading.

13. Some people like to photocopy books, they are visually the same as the original book, it feels like reading a real book, which also makes people feel good. With some of the better readers, hundreds of megabytes of photocopied books can be opened in between 3 seconds, which is conveniently nice.