How long should cabinet screws be?

How long should cabinet screws be?

Attach the cabinets to the wall using No. 8 or No. 10 screws, approximately 3½ inches long. The best make of this screw that I've seen is the one by GRK.

What does GRK screws stand for?

The correct answer to "What does GRK stand for?" is Gebrüder Reisser Künzelsau. This means the Brothers Reisser from Künzelsau (Germany).

What is hex trim?

Trim head hex cap screws are corrosion resistant 18-8 stainless steel. A trim hex head cap screw is a cap screw with a hexagonal head, designed to be driven by a wrench. An ASME B18. 2.1 compliant cap screw has somewhat tighter tolerances than a hex bolt for the head.

What is cabinet Valance?

Cabinet Valances are a universal way to accessorize any cabinetry arrangement or unique furniture design. Valances are an accessory that can add a hint of detail, small or large, varying with style and choice of application.

What is the decorative trim on top of cabinets called?

A decorative trim that sits at the top of the cabinet and provides a smooth transition from the cabinet to the ceiling is called crown molding. It comes in many shapes and sizes and adds detail that's pleasing to the eye and indicative of the homeowner's style.

What kind of trim goes around cabinets?

#12 – Scribe MoldingScribe molding is a thin piece of trim that covers any gaps between your cabinets and the wall. It's a way solve any visible inconsistencies that occur when remodeling in older homes.

What is the difference between a rail and a stile?

Stile and rail doors are basically doors that come with panels; in other words, they're not just flat wood doors. The stile refers to the vertical pieces on the door, while the rail is the horizontal pieces. The panels of the door fit in between the stiles and rails.

What are drawer stiles?

Flat and raised panel doors refer to the type of panel that's between the frame that surrounds the perimeter of the door. The frame consists of horizontal pieces (called rails) and vertical pieces (called stiles). FLAT PANEL DOORS (sometimes called recessed panel doors) are exactly what they sound like.

What is the bottom piece of a cabinet called?

Box ConstructionBottom – The floor of the cabinet.

Do cabinets need a center stile?

Center stiles were originally used to keep cabinets and doors from sagging. However, carpenters now use more durable materials for construction, so center stiles are not always necessary.

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How long should screws for cabinets be?

Approximately 312 inch long screws, No. 8 or No. 10, are used to fasten the cabinets to the wall. The GRK screw is the best brand I've encountered for this type of screw.

Which comes out first, cabinets or tile?

Lower labor costs can be achieved by installing your kitchen cabinets first and then your tiles. Your kitchen will be less likely to sustain water damage if your tiles are installed first. If you're installing delicate tiles that could be harmed by installing cabinetry or appliances, cabinets can be built first.

Which type of trim is used to surround cabinets?

Number 12: Scribe Molding A thin piece of trim called scribe molding fills in any gaps between your cabinets and the wall. It's a strategy to address any obvious irregularities that arise during remodeling in older homes.

What do mullions and muntins do?

Mullion/muntin: A mullion is a substantial horizontal or vertical component that spans two adjacent window units. In a conventional sash, the little wooden strips known as muntins are used to separate the various glass panes.