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Recently, many friends have noticed that more than 50 degrees of strong whiskey is whisky hong kongbecoming more and more popular, and there seems to be a subtle trend to become "high society".

Friends can't help but exclaim for this: Bucket strong is bucket strong! At the same time, there are many people can not help but ask, whiskey on whiskey, is really so big impact? The higher the alcohol content, the better the taste of whisky, is this true?

Today we will talk about how the different alcoholic strengths in whisky affect the flavor of whisky.

Is there any important role of alcohol for whisky or not?

Alcohol is an important ingredient in whisky and plays an important role in the flavor performance of whisky, from as low as 40% ABV to over 60% ABV, alcohol will give us different experiences when tasting. Generally speaking, whisky with low alcohol is easier to drink, while whisky with high alcohol has a stronger flavor.

Therefore, some whiskies with up to 50% ABV are popular, and their complex and varied taste is a very important reason. This whisky is usually bottled and not diluted with water, showing directly the flavor of the whisky in the cask and the style of the distillery, and is rarely sold on the market.

Recommended wine:Buhiradi Peat Monster 11.1

This Buhradi Peat Monster 11.1 was distilled in 2014, first filled in American oak barrels, fully matured on Islay for 5 years, 59.4% abv, and released in a limited product of 30,000 bottles.

With its lemon yellow spirit, perfect peat smoke, sweetness of brown sugar in the mouth, and intense chili heat that brings body to the palate, this is a great whisky.

In addition, we can see some non-concentrated filters, the alcohol is 46% ABV whisky. Generally, this whisky is rich in esters (the flavor, color and taste of the whisky is mainly composed of these esters) and the taste is very exciting.

Nowadays, non-condensation filtered whiskies are becoming more and more popular.

Good drink recommendation: Mayer's Classic carry on blending whisky

This is a blend of Islay Petite Vase and Speyse whiskies, selected and blended by Billy Walker, unconcentrated and unfiltered, with 46% alcohol content.

This whisky is light golden yellow in color, with rich peat smoke, vanilla, maltose and spice flavors in the mouth, and rich layers overall.