Did you know about these uses of the Canadian tourist visa?

The so-called Canada Visitor Visa is not an official name, but is called a tourist visa, a family visit visa, or a companion visa because it is used for different purposes. The type of visa that Canada Immigration uses for temporary visits to Canada is called a "CanadaVisitorVisa", which is a Canadian visitor visa. What are the purposes of a Canada Visitor Visa?

The most basic purpose is tourism. As a tourist mecca in North America, Canada has a lot of beautiful natural scenery, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the world-famous Niagara Falls, the French-inspired Quebec City, and so on. It's a great choice for the whole family!

2. Visiting relatives. According to the visa, you can go to Canada to reunite with your family and see your children or relatives who have not seen you for a long time, who are studying or working in Canada or who have obtained immigration status.

3. Accompanying students. Canada does not have a special "chaperone visa" category, the parents of chaperones are also living in Canada with their children through a visitor visa. However, the duration is shorter and it is often inconvenient to enter and leave the country, so you can apply for a "visitor's permit" to increase the length of stay.

4. Provide a credit endorsement to facilitate the application for other visas. This is a good hidden use. Canada visas are highly valuable and require a very comprehensive application and a well-developed program. Of course, if you are approved, you are also "tested" by this big country, which undoubtedly brings you a credit endorsement and brings you resource advantages for later applications or applying for visas from other countries.

5. Tourist visa to school visa. If you have a Canadian tourist visa, you can enroll in a course in Canada that lasts less than 6 months. If your English level reaches the English level required for your major course during this period, you visa extension hong kong can apply for a tourist visa to a school visa in Canada, which brings a good solution for students who have difficulty in applying for a school visa abroad.

6. Canadian property holders, when the property is delivered, need the buyer to personally go to the local area to carry out the property inspection.

7. Many investment immigration programs in Canada, the applicant must first visit the local area before applying, to do a specific grasp of the local business environment, market conditions, life, education, etc. in Canada. Self-employed immigrants can also visit the employer situation on site. Or like Quebec investment immigration program applicants, there is a certain probability of interview, but also to prepare a Canadian visit visa in advance, for the follow-up to the local Canadian immigration interview.

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How do I renew my Hong Kong visa online?

When a person's visa application is approved, they have two options for paying the visa fee: they can do so online using the link provided in the notification of the application result, or they can do so by sending the "General Demand Note" (GDN) that is included with the notification of the application result.

Is a visa overstay pardonable?

Can my overstayed U.S. visa be excused? Yes, there are circumstances in which the government will excuse your overstaying of your visa and grant you a waiver.

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Through the Visa Waiver Program, citizens of 39 countries who qualify may visit the United States for up to 90 days for business or vacation without a visa. Travelers who arrived in the United States under the Visa Waiver Program are typically not permitted to extend their stay or alter their status.