Science of the steam mop Why is it safer and more reliable to sterilize with it?

Many people believe that alcohol and 84 disinfectant cannot be used to sterilize the body. However, alcohol and 84 disinfectant are not simple and safe enough; alcohol with less is easy to volatile, and it is unknown whether it will work; 84 disinfectant needs to be configured according to the proportion, mixed with more will produce harmful gases, and 84 disinfectant has an irritating smell.

So, can the use of a steam mop help with cleaning and sanitation sterilization? First of all, we need to know the working principle of the steam mop, in fact, by heating the water, and then generate pressure and high temperature, direct high temperature and high pressure steam to sterilize, because it can generate high temperature, so for the difficult oil and dirt is also able to play a good role in removing.

Can high temperatures sterilise? Yes, high temperatures can sterilise, for example, we often use boiling water to boil tableware to achieve sterilisation, but the maximum boiling water is only 100°C, which can only kill a small number of bacteria, so many people also choose sterilisation cabinets, because sterilisation cabinets can provide 120°C high temperature through high temperature sterilisation, the sterilisation rate can reach 99.9%. This means that if the steam mop can be effectively sterilised it must also be able to provide a high temperature of 120°C.

The steam mop currently on the market has been able to achieve a high temperature steam of 120°C. Take the steam mop T8 as an example, this steam mop can quickly release a high temperature steam of 120°C to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, including the common Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Aspergillus terreus, and the mite removal rate is able to reach 100%.

As a real sterilisation appliance, the steam mop also has a strong cleaning power and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios.

The steam mop T8, for example, is equipped with the unique STEAM BALSTER steam jet technology, which generates an instantaneous steam volume of up to 28 g/min. The high temperature steam is cleaning laminate floors with steam mopconcentrated at one point and can effectively remove stains that stick to the floor.

For removing stubborn stains, the steam mop T8 also comes with a double-sided, two-tone cleaning cloth with strong stain catching technology. The white part of the cloth is made of microfibre, which is soft and more absorbent, while the grey part is made of heat-resistant PP, which is moderately hard and strong in removing stains. The double-sided, two-colour cleaning cloth has a reversible design, so that it lasts longer and does not need to be changed as often.

No one wants to have to manually touch a stain-ridden cloth when changing it. The Steam Mop T8 is equipped with Touch-Free technology, which makes it easier and safer to change wipes without having to touch them directly.

Unlike household mops and floor cleaning robots, steam mops are also suitable for a wider range of scenarios than just cleaning floors, as they are generally equipped with different types of nozzles that can be used in different scenarios. For example, the T8 steam mop supports the Lift-Away handheld multifunction mode and comes with a steam concentrator nozzle, a two-in-one steam ironing brush, a hose kit and a mini wipe with a mini brush head.

The steam concentrator Mini Rodini HKnozzle is suitable for cleaning stubborn stains such as limescale on the hob, cooker hood, tiled walls and metal shelves; the two-in-one steam ironing brush is suitable for bed linen and covers, and can be used for ironing out creases in clothes; the hose and mini brush head just reach into hard-to-reach corners to achieve the sterilising effect. If there is something in your home that needs to be sterilised and cleaned, the steam mop can be replaced with the right brush head and it will come in handy.

The steam mop T8 also has a lot of safety considerations in place, such as the ability to dry without leaving water stains, preventing damage to wooden floors, and the water shortage protection technology, which automatically suspends the machine if the water tank runs out of water.

By the way, here is auniversity ranking asia reminder that the steam mop's water tank does not need to add disinfectant or detergent to achieve sterilization, because it belongs to the physical level of sterilization and cleaning methods. However, it is important to note that the steam mop emits high temperature steam, so do not point it at people or animals when using it and wait for it to cool down before storing it.