Is your kitchen still sealed? It's time to rethink this idea.

In Chinese kitchens, one person prepares the food while everyone else watches.

In the West, the dining area is often designed as the center of a family, usually based on open design to make it a space for family interaction and transmission of affection and love.

The open kitchen is a place where familykitchen cabinets design members can share their love.

Some say it's because of the Chinese food environment, but that's not entirely correct. I believe it's because of the traditional idea of male inferiority and female superiority, which also limits our design creativity. In fact, when the developer or home decorator designs the property, it can definitely be designed to combine Chinese and Western kitchen, taking into account both the frying and stir-frying of the Chinese kitchen and the interactive care of the Western kitchen.

The show nest net editor then moves on to the two Chinese kitchen to Chinese and Western kitchen cases.

A. Converting the balcony into a Chinese restaurant

The original Chinese kitchen was in the red area on the left, but the designer transformed it into an open western kitchen, and the original balcony was transformed into a Chinese kitchen, so that both Chinese and western kitchens are available.

The balcony has been converted into the middle kitchen.

Dining room and western kitchen area

The central kitchen area

Second, the large kitchen is reduced to kitchen designa small kitchen.

As shown below, the designer demolished half of the original large kitchen to make room for the western kitchen, resulting in the situation shown below.

Chinese and Western Cuisine

The west kitchen's center island and floor cabinets expand the dining room while increasing the kitchen's usage rate.

We can see from the preceding two examplesGas Hob that Chinese and Western kitchens are not limited to villas, but can also be found in small and medium-sized homes. Having a Western kitchen at home, particularly one with a center island, can facilitate family interaction, such as preparing meals together, and can also be used as a bar, a meeting area, or a study area, greatly increasing the kitchen's utilization rate.

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