roller blinds, blinds, and your own home curtains?

1. Light requirements influence curtain selection

The primary function of curtains is to provide shade, and while cloth, roller blinds, and blinds all provide shading, there are important differences to consider when selecting curtains.

Cloth curtains have a slightly differentRoller Shade effect on light control depending on their thickness, with thicker cloth curtains having a better blackout effect and being more appropriate for people who prefer a dark indoor environment.

Cloth shades can completely block out light.

Blinds cannot achieve complete blackout, but by adjusting the angle of the blades, the amount of light entering the room can be controlled, which has a better effect on light and darkness control.

The angle of the blinds' blades can be adjusted to control the amount of light that enters.

And line roll roller blinds to control light entry, both sides are easy to leak light, suitable for study, office, and other windows.

To control the window sightline, roller blinds can be used.

2, different areas to choose the curtain style

Curtain selection in different spatial environments has different considerations; for example, the guest dining room can be free to choose; whereas the bedroom requires absolute light blocking while sleeping, making thick fabric curtains suitable; and in the humid bathroom, ordinary fabric curtains are not very suitable (easy to moisture mold), so the bathroom is more suitable for blinds to do curtains!

Blinds are appropriate for bathrooms because they provide privacy while also allowing light to enter.

3. Furniture arrangement influences curtain selection

Cloth curtains are generally installed to 5-8cm from the ground will look better, so the curtains have a certain impact on the furniture arrangement, and the general installation of cloth curtains by the window location cannot be arranged by the window furniture, and roller blinds and blinds are lighter, and curtain size to cover the window glass size, the use of space outside the window area will have no impact.

With the blinds installed, furniture can be placed against the window without being affected.

4, experience with various curtains

Cloth curtains are more convenient and easy to use, opening and closing only between a pull and a pull, whereas blinds and roller blinds are more fiddly to switch on and off, and because the middle of the living room and the balcony need to enter the curtains frequently, it is recommended to choose ordinary cloth curtains as curtains, so that access to the balcony is not hampered.

Cloth curtain curtain switch is practical.

5, style is also important.

Curtain style has a relationship with decoration style as well - roller blinds are appropriate for American style and other more dignified and stable styles; blinds are minimalist in appearance, and are appropriate for simple and modern styles with;

Blinds are appropriate for modern minimalist spaces.

The cloth curtain is more versatile in terms of color, texture, and pattern.

Cloth curtains are more colorful andcurtain styles versatile.

6th, curtain maintenance

From the standpoint of care, roller blinds should be more convenient to maintain; blinds are easy to accumulate dust, and without the right tools to maintain a certain degree of difficulty; and cloth curtains must be removed when cleaning, disassembly and installation is more laborious, and cleaning and drying of large size cloth curtains is also a large project! To summarize, cleaning curtains, regardless of their type, is a difficult task.

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