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Pores become enlarged and acne occurs frequently. Maybe the bacteria on your grooming tools are at play. Studies have found that a used powder puff will contain about 40,000 bacteria, which will be brought into the pores, and the bacteria may continue to multiply hemp sponge. To keep the skin clean, washing your face alone is not enough, and all kinds of makeup tools must be thoroughly washed.

Powder puff cleaning

Representative: loose powder puff, honey powder puff

Clean Productivity Tools: Mild Soaps, Antiseptics, and Hand Sanitizers

Cleaning method:

Soak the puff in warm water to soften. It's all cleaner bulk loofah 6 inch. Knead and squeeze into a basin or running water until no powder comes out. Rinse with running water and rinse thoroughly with detergent. Wring dry with one hand, then dry with an absorbent towel or dry paper towel. Dry in a well-ventilated place.


Unless it is a special cleaning agent, under normal circumstances, the powder puff should be soaked in warm water to soften.

The frequency of daily makeup girl puff cleaning is once every two days, there should always be some puff replacements.

A hair dryer can dry the puff quickly, but it will affect the quality of the suede.

The cleaned puff should not be placed in a bathroom to dry in the shade, as it is damp and prone to mold growth.

Hard, deformed and blackened dough does not need to be cleaned again, and should be updated in time.

sponge cleaning

Representative: diamond bamboo sponge, the sponge comes with dry and wet powder.

Cleaning tools: body wash, antibacterial facial cleanser

Cleaning method:

Identify the texture of the sponge and clean it tightly. Soak the sponge in warm water until soft. Lather up with detergent. Squeeze it in the palm of your hand, wait for the powder to wash off before kneading. Rinse the sponge and detergent. Press the sponge dry. Dry in a cool and ventilated place.


If the water temperature is too high, the pores of our sponge will become larger.

Do not scrub, friction will deform the sponge and shorten its lifespan.

The dehumidifier dries quickly, and exposure to the sun will make the sponge brittle.

Just rub your thumb clean and flatten, and the sponge will thin.

If the pores become enlarged after repeated washing of the sponge, it is better to replace the old with the new.

dry brush cleaning

Representative: eye shadow brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush

Cleaning tools: shampoo

Cleaning method:

Wet bristles and barrel well with warm water. Use your fingers to carefully work the shampoo into the bristles. Gently press back and forth along the direction of the bristles on the back of your hand. Dry with absorbent kitchen paper. Put it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. After a while, turn the bristles over and smooth them over the back of your hand. Put it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade.


Do not rub the bristles, it will affect the shape of the bristles, gently press back and forth along the direction of the bristles.

Coarse brushes allow light drying. Hands should be close to the bristles as it dries. If it is held at the end, the part connecting the bristles and the pen barrel is easy to break.

It is generally advisable to clean the brushes once a month.

Unless you find that stray hairs are becoming more difficult to trim, deforming the brush head, or stiffening the hair from improper care, you generally do not need to replace the brush.

Cleaning with a wet brush

Representative: foundation brush, lip brush

Cleaning tools: cleansing oil, washing water, soap.

Cleaning method:

Wash the brush head directly with makeup remover or water. Wipe off all the dirt. Rinse with water and remove detergent. Rinse the brush head again with the spiral soap. Clean the backs and backs of your hands. Dry with a towel.


In a hurry, we can dry it with a hair dryer with different temperatures reaching the lowest.

The residual powder has grease, wetting it first will only make you more and more dirty.

Special washing water can make the brush head brighter and smoother.

The lip pencil is not suitable for washing with water, as it will make the hair rough and lose its elasticity after a long time.

Press back and forth with oil-based lip balm to clean lip pencil

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