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Recently, a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona appealed and suggested that Chinese elective courses be added to American primary education learn chinese online, with the aim of improving the intelligence of American primary and middle school students.

"Studies have shown that the average IQ of Chinese people exceeds that of white people, and the main contribution comes from language.

I wish I had learned Chinese when I was very young. Because babies and toddlers are like "sponges" that absorb language online chinese class. The truth is, the brains of babies and children are made to absorb information during this time.

At 8-12 months, babies focus on their "native" language, often drowning out the sounds of foreign languages. If there is no one to teach children that we start learning and developing a second natural language when they are 7-8 years old, their country may need to master a second language and speak it like a mother tongue. Once they find out that they can outgrow the corporate age of China, it will become more difficult for themselves. The brain makes social connections to novel objects before puberty, not after.

So why the Chinese in the first place?

Chinese can actually change the activity patterns of different parts of the brain. If you're not from China, speaking Chinese connects parts of your brain that weren't awakened before. Different languages produce different sounds that are organized in different parts of the brain.

The Chinese use the connection between the superior temporal gyrus and the right hemisphere of the brain, not English stimulation. Just as top athletes revolutionized the way they work out in the gym when they need to improve, so too does the exercise of the brain. The Chinese language in China can stimulate the brain and make his thinking more active.

If you want to keep your child's brain as active as possible, Chinese is more exciting than English. "

In fact, in addition to our Chinese language, the development of Chinese corporate culture is also very rich and profound. China's historical and traditional culture is not just a bunch of dates and timelines to remember, it contains a philosophy of economic socialism that may have an impact on the way people think and act.

Westerners tend to be more individualistic and outspoken, while Chinese are more slow and harmonious. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Children can benefit from learning both mental frameworks. That's why foreigners start to appreciate Chinese language and culture.

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