Functions of curtains.Curtains have an important position in people's lives. In the latest architectural design, large floor-to-ceiling windows, balconies, large glass partitions have become fashionable, and the matching curtains are also correspondingly high blind In the newly renovated apartments, public places, the cost of curtains is also increasing. Sunshade, light transmission, soft, warm curtains will make you feel comfortable and pleasant. Curtains are moving paintings, changing walls and silent music. With the improvement of people's living standards, the curtain market is very broad.

Functions of curtains.

Dimming and privacy, sun protection and heat insulation, sound insulation and dust removal, beauty and health care.

Types of curtains.

Curtain styles include hanging curtains, wave curtains, flat curtains, knotted curtains, half-hanging curtains, and top and bottom curtains. The right style of curtains can correct the poor proportions of the window and serve to balance the space.roller blind Generally speaking, for tall and narrow windows, you can choose short curtains that are just over the length of the window sill, extend to both sides of the window frame, and reveal the maximum window width as possible, which can make the window wider and shorter. For wide and short windows, you can choose long curtains and tall curtains that fit snugly into the window frame, covering the width of the frame and making up for the lack of length. At the same time, the use of the room is different, the choice of curtains should also be different. For example, for a horizontal window in the kitchen, the curtains are as long as the window sill. The living room or large rooms choose floor length curtains to look generous. Generally the length of curtains in a room should be 20-30cm longer than the window sill, and the width should be around 16cm.

(1) Flat pull type. This is as one of the most common curtain style. This traditional style for more research monotonous, without any impact on the decoration, the size can be arbitrary, hanging and pull lift are very simple, applicable to the building area of small windows, generally used for a kitchen, bathroom windows. It is divided into the Chinese side of the flat pull type and double side of the flat pull type.

(2) lift curtains. This form is also very common, it can tie a bow in the middle of the curtains to play a decorative role, the curtains can be lifted to one side, or to both sides, forming a soft arc, very good-looking,motorized roller blind this style of curtains is used by many people.

(3) Curtains over the beam style. This style is more complicated, but the decorative effect is better. It can cover the rough curtain rod and the distance between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the room more neat and beautiful.

(4)Lifting style (elevated). Curtains can be lifted and lowered according to the intensity of the light, when the sun is only half of the window, hanging curtains not only affect the light, but also shade, this style is suitable for window width less than 1.5 meters.

(5) The window is fixed. This kind of curtains is to put the curtains from top to bottom on two curtain rods, and then fix the curtain rods to the window frame, which can be stretched horizontally or knotted in the middle with ribbon or bow. This style is suitable for bathrooms or toilets.

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