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It turns out that the cost of making adult products with silica gel is relatively high hands free vibrators. Now, do we have TPE thermoplastic elastomer, a new building material that has been very popular in recent years? So is it better for Chinese adult products companies to use TPE materials or silicone materials? In this article, plastic Let me share with you the difference between adult products and the use of TPE materials and silicone materials.

In the past few years, silicone resin has been widely used in daily necessities, sex products, medical equipment, electronic products and many other fields due to its soft touch, good elasticity, non-toxic safety and other characteristics hands free vibrators. No matter how good the material is, it can stand the progress of the times. People are pursuing development and looking for new materials to replace silica gel.

TPE has many similar properties to silicone rubber. It is a thermoplastic elastomer material with high elasticity (even better), high strength, high resilience and high wear resistance. It is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic in contact with human skin hands free vibrators. On the contrary, it can also be used in medical and daily necessities, and many materials can replace silicone rubber products.

Features of silicone material for adult products:

The cost of high-quality silica gel starts at a low price of 30,000 yuan/ton in the market.

The molding cycle of processing technology is longer hands free vibrators. Silica gel needs to be cross-linked (or vulcanized) hands free vibrators. Except for a few injection-molded silica gels, the processing time of most silica gel raw materials for molding products needs to be measured in minutes, which reduces the production capacity of enterprises.

Can not be recycled, can not save costs, waste of resources.

Characteristics of thermoplastic elastomer materials for adult products:

TPE and silicone have many similar properties, such as soft touch, good rubber resilience, non-toxic and environmental protection, etc hands free vibrators. The advantages of TPE over silicone are:

TPE is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and complies with EU environmental directives such as ROHS, PAHS, 12P, DIN53160, EN71-3, PFOS, FDA, and REACH.

Soft skin for touch feel. The soft TPE material is very easy to touch with the real healthy skin of the human body. If it is matched with a color similar to the skin, it is almost impossible to distinguish the real one from the real one.

TPE is easy to color

Clear sex toys sometimes stay on for a while as the yellow turns yellow. Some TPE manufacturers add blue organic pigments (such as ultramarine and phthalocyanine blue) to the pelletizing process to create a blue, transparent base for adult sex toys. But the background color is blue, and the transparency is better visually. The color matching of adult sex toys, such as green, blue, pink, etc., is mainly to increase the fun of use. The coloring agent should be organic toner with small particle size, which is more conducive to coloring and maintains the transparency of the product. Sometimes skin color is used for a more realistic erotic experience.

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