Twin-cylinder Navac Recovery Unit with a DC Inverter and Digital Interface (NRDD)

DC technique without brushes Twin-cylinder for quick recovery with 2-row enlarged condenser Purge function stops the blending of different refrigerants.

suited for all regularly used refrigerants, oil-free compressor

YUEARN Rechargeable Glass Hydrogen Bottle and Portable Hydrogen Water Generator with SPE and PEM Technology

Using SPE and PEM technology, the hydrogen water bottle quickly electrolyzes water to separate and release H2 and O2, transforming regular drinking water into hydrogen-ion-rich alkaline water that significantly reduces oxidative stress.

One-button start/stop: For stability and slide resistance, the bottom of the hydrogen-rich water container includes EVE pads.

Simple to use at work, on the go, and in the office; gives you more ATP energy naturally; lessens any physical exhaustion you could feel throughout the day.

The benefit of hydrogen: Natural hydrogen water bottles reduce the size of water molecules, improve cell membrane absorption, increase metabolism, enhance sleep quality, reduce inflammation, and enhance skin health.

Since hydrogen-rich water is high in antioxidants and helps to relieve muscular pain and minimize physical exhaustion after exercise, it is a thoughtful small gift for family and friends.

Useful tips include a one-year hassle-free guarantee and helpful customer support, as well as instructions to clean the hydrogen water generator once or twice before usage and refrain from pouring juice, milk, tea, or other liquids into the alkaline water ionizer.

High-quality safety: The hydrogen-rich water machine is composed of transparent, safe, and healthy high-borosilicate glass.

Materials made of nano-grade titanium platinum that have a high hydrogen concentration and a long service life.

Rich hydrogen water has 420ML of enormous capacity to satisfy the demands of the entire family, and can lower blood lipids, improve sleep, and purify the blood.

Processes for Energy System Modeling and Simulation

Price: $86.11

One of the most fascinating and rapidly expanding branches of engineering is energy systems engineering.

In Energy Systems Engineering, modeling and simulation are essential because they serve as the foundation for energy system design, control, optimization, and analysis.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, University of Technology Sydney, McMaster University, Queens University, Purdue University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are just a few of the institutions that have contributed to this book's carefully curated collection of recent research articles on the modeling and simulation of energy systems.

Design of energy systems, control systems, flexible operations, operational strategies, and systems analysis are some of the major study topics covered.

Electric power generation, refrigeration cycles, natural gas liquefaction, shale gas treatment, concentrated solar power, waste-to-energy systems, micro-gas turbines, carbon dioxide capture systems, energy storage, petroleum refinery unit operations, and Brayton cycles are just a few of the applications that are addressed in this study.

Active H2 Ultra Hydrogen Water Tablet: Molecular Hydrogen Benefits to Improve Health, Support Immunity, and Balance Antioxidants (1 Bottle, 60 Tablets)

Price: $52.00
China wholesale PSA N2 Generators manufacturer

Active H2 delivers WHOLE BODY BENEFITS through a quickly dissolving tablet that is simple to mix into water.

Hydrogen gas (H2), a significant antioxidant, is created naturally when the unique type of magnesium found in Active H2 ULTRA combines with water.

Additionally, it offers magnesium, which is highly accessible and necessary for more than 300 bodily processes.

Active difference in H2: All of our goods are backed by our commitment that they will maintain their freshness, potency, and quality up until the time of their expiration.

As part of our "bottle guarantee," if you are dissatisfied with ANY of our products for ANY reason, just let us know and we will send you an immediate refund or replacement.

SHARPENING THE WELLNESS:Water and Wellness is committed to providing as many people as possible with clean, contaminant-free water that has been improved to give nutrients and health benefits.

Our morals, ethics, and feeling of duty drove us to create a line of curated items that are straightforward, inexpensive, and of the highest quality after 37 years in the water science sector.

These products also encourage education about the significance of health and water safety.

The smallest atom, hydrogen, may easily pass through the body and benefit all of your tissues and cells, including the brain, because of its small size.

Nitric oxide, which is vital for good blood flow, and other key chemicals are supported while reactive oxygen species and free radicals are neutralized.

Additionally, hydrogen stimulates the body's natural antioxidant production, which reduces inflammation and supports the health of the brain and other important organs.

HEALTHY METABOLIC FUNCTION, liver health, and a balanced response to stress are all supported.

It boosts alertness and supports healthy energy levels in a way comparable to coffee without giving you the jitters.

Hydrogen improves athletic performance, lessens fatigue from training, and aids in faster muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

Replacement Fast Acting Ceramic Cartridge Fuse Fuses for Generac 10000005117 6.3A at 250VAC 6-Pack, 5 mm x 20 mm, 6.3 amp

Price: $12.34

dependable substitutes for Generac fuses - With our superior substitutes, your power generator won't be cut off by a blown fuse.


The fuse's overall dimensions are 5x20mm (3/16" x 3/4").


Brass end caps coated in nickel for excellent conductivity Compatibility with the 10000005117 model - Our fuses are made to precisely fit in place of the original manufacturer's part....

The producer has thoroughly tested and long-lastingly constructed the replacement part using high-quality, sturdy materials.

Emergency Power Supply Cable for Vehicle ECU (OLLGEN 1M/3.3ft) and Car Memory Black Adapter Cable for OBD Female Connector to Cigarette Lighter to Save Any 12V DC Power Source

Price: $11.99

Power Cable for Cigarette Lighter to OBD2 16 Pin Female Connector:This 1 meter/3.3 foot cable is a 12 volt female OBD out adapter; the female end cannot be inserted into the car's socket; a male OBD end cable is required for plugging in.

Interface connector connecting the OBD II port of a car to a 12V DC power source:All OBD2 diagnostic equipment that fit into a 16 pin socket are compatible.

Fantastic Product:A robust and flexible cable can be achieved by using high-quality materials.

OBD2 gadget powered on: This 16-pin female power cable from a cigarette lighter to an OBD2 port can store radio information, vehicle codes, and electronic presets.

This gadget can be powered by any 12V DC source, such as a jump starter, DC 12V lead-acid battery, or a DC 12V power outlet from another vehicle.

Fits the majority of OBD II memory savers, also known as automotive computer memory savers, available on the market today: This will allow you to power your HUD without requiring an OBD port connection, as most HUDs require an OBD connector to function.

To power any OBD port-equipped equipment that are not required to communicate with the vehicle, use this cable.

does not retain its position in the socket when plugged in.

Please select a different model if you wish to move the cable while it is still connected.

It will cut off power if you move the cable.

With 2.1mm x 5.5 Plug 2A(2000MA) AC 100-240V to DC 12Volt Transformers, the XINKAITE 12V DC 2A Wall Power Supply Adapter is a switching power source adaptor for 12V 3528/5050 LED Strip Lights.

Price: $10.99

Completely Controlled Switching Power Source Suitable for DC 12V Devices for monitoring and security: Led light strips, IPC, DVR, NVR, cameras, and more AC100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A maximum input 2000mA DC12V output Longest power cord: 3.3 feet (1 meter) Full Production, Protection Against Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overload, and Short Circuit Many uses: USB hub, LED table lamp, wireless router, audio/video, ADSL cats, CCTV cameras, LED strip lights, home appliances, and more

Square D manufactured by Schneider Electric Square D's QO1DM10030TRBR QO Generator Panel is an outdoor, 1-phase, 4-space, 30-amp main breaker with interlock.

Price: $350.34

Connect up to eight circuits to a standby power source using this method.

flipping two QO main circuit breakers converts utility power to a standby source.

has a twist-lock receptacle in the bottom end wall that accepts a direct connection from a generator cord supply, rated for 30 Amps and 4 Watts.

For outdoor use, single phase, 120/240 VAC Only one main circuit breaker should ever be in the on position thanks to mechanical interlock.

Car inverter generator: WZRELB 3500W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter Generator, 24V DC to 120V AC Converter

Price: $429.99

offers two 120V AC outlets, three 500 W continuous DC to AC power, and seven thousand W peak power.

Convert two US outlets from 24VDC to 120VAC at 60Hz frequency.

clever cooling fan with temperature control.

Connect the PCB board and output to the earth.

LED digital display.

Integrated fuse for device protection, with an extra fuse included in the package for replacement.

Because the PCB is 2.00 mm thick, a higher current may flow through the circuit, increasing load capacity.

To convert DC to AC and guarantee a steady and complete AC output, use a high frequency transformer.

a yearlong guarantee and amiable client support.

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