A lot of friends doing foreign trade in the export of the main two modes of transportation, shipping and air transport, that the two modes of transportation and what are the advantages and disadvantages?fcl freight We come to a detailed inventory today!

Air and sea freight are two major modes of transportation in international trade:

Advantages of sea transportation:

1. large volume: sea transport can transport a large number of goods, suitable for large quantities, long-distance transportation. 2. low cost: compared with air transport, the cost of transporting a large number of goods.

2. low cost: relative to air transport,fcl lcl sea transport costs are relatively low, suitable for affordable transportation needs.

3. Well-connected shipping routes: the global shipping routes network makes it easy for goods to reach various ports.

Disadvantages of sea transportation:

1. slow speed: compared with air transport, the transportation speed of sea transport is slow.

2. high risk of navigation: due to the influence of weather and marine environment, the navigation risk is relatively large. 3. uncertainty of the voyage date: the global network of shipping lanes makes it easy to reach the ports.

3. Uncertainty of sailing date: the delay of shipping date may lead to the change of cargo arrival time.

Advantages of air transportation:

1. fast speed: compared with sea transportation, air transportation is significantly faster.

2. fixed routes: airlines usually have fixed routes and flights,sea freight which makes the transportation of goods more predictable.

Disadvantages of air transportation:

1. small volume: compared with ocean freight, the volume of air freight is smaller. 2. high cost: the air freight is more expensive.

2. high cost: air freight is relatively expensive and may not be suitable for large shipments. 3. limitations on cargo size: air freight is not suitable for large shipments.

3. Limitations on the size of the cargo: the space of the airplane is limited, and there are strict limitations on the width and height of the cargo.