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What is the difference between web hosting and network operations

The purpose of enterprises choosing to do websites is just to get more traffic conversion through the website, and let more people know what we are doing and what we can bring to users through the website. static website hosting Although there are more and more companies doing websites, there are also many companies whose websites are idle and no one manages them, it has become a so-called botnet, such websites can not bring any benefits to the company. Why does this happen? In fact, the problem does not appear in the website itself, but in the enterprise's insufficient attention to the website.

What is Web hosting?

The first is to ensure the normal operation of the website. saas hosting For example, the website must not have security problems, such as frequent attacks, data loss can not be restored.

Secondly, the page of the website is normal, and there can be no error code pages, 404 pages, and pictures are not seriously deformed.

Site SSL Certificate, pseudo-static, host Settings This is what the site manages.

Guide website ICP filing.

Therefore, website hosting maintenance includes domain name resolution, daily maintenance of website space, website security troubleshooting, website program and database operation monitoring, and some problems encountered in the process of website operation to ensure the normal operation of the website. Make a good backup of the website to ensure that in the event of an irresistible accident, the website can be restored to normal operation in time.

What is website operation?

Site operations focus more on the content of the site and how to get more traffic and conversion rates to the site.

For example, regularly update the article, do not underestimate, this is a long-term need to adhere to the hard work.

Optimize the keywords of the enterprise website, such as the layout of the keywords of the article, the anchor text content setting, the breadcrumbs navigation system, etc., the editing of the three major labels of the technical website, the exchange of links and so on.

Analyze the website visit data, regularly check the website visit statistics, and analyze the conversion rate, bounce rate, visit rate, etc., in order to further adjust the website.

When planning the website copy, do not look at the strength and importance of the copy, but also need one or two words to impress customers and promote transactions. Especially the enterprise station, such as everyone wrote about integrity management, ten years of industry experience. How can your website be better written? This requires copywriting skills.

In short, the website operation pays more attention to the overall quality of the website, so that the website gets more traffic and transformation.

Website hosting and maintenance are closely related to the operation of the website. In order to operate a good website, the later maintenance of the website needs to be guaranteed.

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