Dependent Visa

Take advantage of the favorable period of the Hong Kong Social Talent Development Scheme in China! These three visas can also help family members also apply for Hong Kong to carry out identity

After applying for Hong Kong resident status, everyone is concerned about this question: after applying for Hong Kong resident status, parents, spouse or children can apply for Hong Kong status?

The answer is of course yes. The addition of family members to the Hong Kong identity (the Hong Kong Immigration Department calls it "Dependent Residence") is called the addition of dependants in the industry.

Therefore, once the applicant successfully obtains the Hong Kong status, his/her spouse, children and parents can also obtain the Hong Kong status, and many applicants will want to obtain the Hong Kong status because of this factor.working visa hong kong After all, the whole family will benefit and it is very cost-effective.

Whether the applicant can at the same time through the "Dependent Visa", "Visiting Relatives Visa" or "One Way Permit" to help the student's own family members to also get the Hong Kong social status. However, which visa is suitable for a person depends on the actual development of the enterprise, and we will examine the differences between these three types of visas together.

Dependent Visa

A Dependent Visa is a visa granted to a non-Hong Kong resident who is the spouse or other immediate family member of a Hong Kong resident who comes to settle and work in Hong Kong under the sponsorship of the Hong Kong resident. Simply put, a dependant is a dependent.

To enter or leave Hong Kong, one needs to apply for a Hong Kong Dependent Visa, which is issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The immigration policy allows eligible persons to come to Hong Kong as dependants and rely on their close relatives residing in Hong Kong. Eligible dependants include spouses and unmarried children under the age of 18.

Non-permanent residents of Hong Kong are not eligible to apply for their parents aged 60 or above as dependants, but they may do so once they have obtained permanent residence.

There are also requirements for applying for dependants, and they can only apply if they meet the following criteria.

1. The dependant must be dependent on another guarantor who can provide for him/her;

2. the sponsor is capable of providing his/her dependants with a standard of living well above the subsistence level and a suitable place of residence in Hong Kong.

3. the sponsor is normally a person of talent, giftedness, a professional or a major applicant for study.

Dependants who have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of seven years or more may also apply to become Hong Kong permanent residents if their applications are approved.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dependants

1. How long do dependants stay?

The structure of the length of stay period of a dependant is normally linked to the length of stay of his/her sponsor. Dependants who are allowed to come to Hong Kong to study for a professional will normally be allowed to come to Hong Kong for 12 months in the first instance, and thereafter can apply for extension of stay on a yearly basis through an extension of stay, and after seven years, we can develop the transfer to Hong Kong, China as a permanent resident.

2.What benefits are available to dependents?

Most of the talents who choose to migrate to Hong Kong is for the children's education, which is one of the biggest reasons why many mainland talents favor Hong Kong status. (Related reading:Why Hong Kong DSE Exam has become a dark horse for higher education? What is the difference between Mainland students and Hong Kong students?)

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is a renowned educational institution. In terms of university strength, there are 11 universities in Hong Kong, China and each of them is strong. The University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and HKC are also among the world's top 10 international universities for higher education in 2022, as published by The Times.

From the perspective of internationalization, Hong Kong schools have a strong faculty, often employing internationally renowned teachers to teach, including a number of Nobel Prize winners, gathering quality teachers from all over the world, and also have a clear advantage in English teaching and academic atmosphere. Therefore, studying in Hong Kong can enjoy international education in the vicinity, which is very cost-effective.

3. Is there a chance for a dependent to acquire a permanent residence status in Hong Kong, China?

Dependants who have fulfilled the condition of having ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than 7 years will be eligible for permanent residence.

One-way Permit

One-way Permit (OWP) is a document issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China to Mainland Chinese residents who have relatives settled in Hong Kong or Macau. Mainland residents can obtain a Hong Kong identity card through the One-way Permit, but must cancel their resident identity card and hukou, so called because "there is no turning back".

One-way Permit. After the cancellation of the Mainland's hukou and the issuance of a Hong Kong identity card, people who have normally resided in Hong Kong for more than seven consecutive years can apply to become permanent residents of Hong Kong and enjoy all the welfare policies for Hong Kong people.

One-way permits are valid for six months. Upon expiry of the certificate, the Hong Kong Identity Card remains valid if the person does not fulfill the conditions for applying for a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.

Family Visit Visa

If a resident of a city in Mainland China needs to visit his/her relatives who are settled, permanently residing, studying or employed in Hong Kong in his/her daily life, then we can apply for a family visit endorsement from the relevant department of the Exit-Entry Information Management of the Public Security Administration of the Mainland. Family visit visas can only be applied for by spouses, parents in education or parents of spouses, children studying or spouses of one's own children, siblings, (foreign) grandparents, (foreign) grandchildren.

There are three types of visit visas: one for every three months, one for more than three months and one for more than one year.

1. To visit your spouse, your parents or your spouse's parents, your children or your children's spouses, you may apply for an endorsement once every three months or multiple times every three months.

2. To visit your siblings, you may apply for a three-monthly visa.

3. A person who has minor children with his/her spouse in Hong Kong or is aged 60 or above (inclusive) and applies to visit his/her spouse, parents or his/her parents, children or spouse may apply for a one-year multiple visit endorsement to visit his/her relatives in Hong Kong.

But we need to pay attention to, holding a family visit visa regardless of how long they live in Hong Kong are enterprises can not apply for has become a permanent resident, because China Hong Kong Immigration Department visa specific content is divided into family visit visa is divided into cultural tourism visa, no long-term right of abode.

Hong Kong talent program favorable period

In order to attract talented people from all over the world to come to Hong Kong and enhance Hong Kong's international competitiveness, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has relaxed the competition conditions this year. Currently, there are three main routes to obtain Hong Kong status:.

Hong Kong Talents Scheme

On January 1, the Hong Kong Talent Scheme was officially lifted from its two-year quota limit. There are also a number of benefits, including: adding points for prestigious companies, extending the period of stay in Hong Kong to three years for the first time, and optimizing the selection mechanism (eliminating interviews, increasing the number of selections, and shortening the approval time).

Hong Kong High Talent Pass Program

The Highly Talented Persons Pass Scheme aims to attract highly paid or highly educated individuals from around the world to come to Hong Kong. Starting from December 28, 2022, applications for talents will be formally accepted from all over the world, and "it normally takes four weeks for processing" to complete the approval. Of the 7,417 cases received so far since the start of the program, more than 5,799 have been tested, with a 95% success rate .

Provided that it meets any of the following requirements.

1. People with an annual basic salary of HK$2.5 million investment or above in the past year of our employment;

2. Graduated from one of the top 100 universities in the world (no time limit) and have accumulated more than 3 years of work experience in the past 5 years; and

3. five years, graduated from one of the top 100 universities in the world with no work experience.

The first two categories of applicants will be granted a two-year quota-free entry permit, while the third category will be granted a maximum of 10,000 applicants per year.

Hong Kong Professionals Scheme

The "Professionals Scheme" is a scheme launched by the Hong Kong Government to attract Mainland professionals with recognized qualifications to work in Hong Kong, so as to meet Hong Kong's demand for talents and enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness in the international market.

Applicants are also required to make significant contributions to the daily management and operation of local manufacturing enterprises and related industrial research, with a view to promoting the economic and social development of Hong Kong, China. The program is quota-free and industry-neutral.

Now is the right time to come up with Hong Kong status, whether it is elite talent, or entrepreneurial investors, can find the right way to apply, apply as soon as possible to seize the opportunity!