For fifteen thousand years, what kind of sponge is it?

One type of Antarctic sponge is the enormous volcanic sponge, or Anoxycalyx joubini. This sponge is among the biggest in the world, with a maximum diameter of 1.5 meters (5 feet) and a maximum height of 1.95 meters (6.5 feet). Estimates suggest that the species may live up to 15,000 years, which is an exceptionally lengthy lifespan.

Are sponges able to procreate without a partner?

Sponges are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually. Similar to the growth of a new limb on a tree, budding is a common method of asexual reproduction (without the use of eggs and sperm). A new organism starts to emerge from the side or base of the parent's scrub pads

Does mold grow on sponges?

Mold and germs thrive well in the conditions found in kitchen sponges. For most microorganisms to flourish, they require moisture, humidity, and some kind of organic matter. A place with all three is your kitchen sponge. washing up sponge

How come silicone sponges are superior?

The silicone sponge is not porous, in contrast to its cellulose equivalent. Instead, it doesn't have that musty scent because of its smooth silicone bristles, which keep bacteria from colonizing.

Can fungi be found in sponges?

An invertebrate from the kingdom Animalia is a sponge. A whole other kingdom is made up of fungi. Animals and fungus differ in the following ways: Fungal decomposers are different from animals as eaters.

How come sponges grow mold?

Storing a sponge correctly is an important part of maintaining it. Your sponge will retain water longer and take on that terrible mildewy smell if you leave it in your sink or close to your faucet, which prevents air circulation.

What do you name a collection of sponges?

Sponge taxa belong to the phylum Porifera. Simple aquatic invertebrate creatures are known as sponges. While freshwater lakes and streams are home to certain sponge species, the bulk of sponges are marine in nature.

By "sponge," what do the British mean?

A sponge is essentially an extremely light cake that is produced by delicately folding the flour mixture into the whipped egg. Victoria and Genoise sponge cakes are the two varieties that are most frequently seen on the show.

Before jellyfish, are sponges older?

These primitive animals have been around for much longer than the horseshoe crab. Researchers have discovered incredibly ancient fossils of the sponge (760 million years old), jellyfish (550 million years old), and nautilus (500 million years old).

What animal is the oldest, a sponge?

According to a study, 890 million years old fossils are sponges, the oldest animals.bulk sponges