Memorize acupoints

1. Memorize acupoints

Before massaging, you first need to know where the acupressure points are pressed. Remember the acupoints, everyone can do. Buy a national standard meridian point wall chart, often practice massage on it, practice makes perfect, remember the important points of the human body. Although this is the dumbest way, but also the most effective way.

2. Look for reactions

If there is discomfort in the body, it will show up on the acupoints and one or more of the following reactions may occur.

(1)Pressure:When pressed with the hand, a painful sensation will be felt.

(2)Sensitization:A little irritation, the skin becomes itchy or hypersensitive.

(3)Hardness:When touched with the hand, there is a localized feeling of hardness.

Hyperpigmentation: Spots, moles, or hyperpigmentation on a specific part of the body.

For some people who are weak or old, there is no way for the senses to accurately reach the acupoints because the qi and blood are too weak.

Therefore, searching for a particular acupoint to perform may not affect it quite as easily.hong kong nuru massage But also can not be because of the rush, as long as the qi and blood to replenish up, the human body to produce a response is sensitive. In addition, "away from the point is not away from the meridian", meaning ability is that we as long as we usually more beat certain meridians, acupuncture points will naturally pop up.

In the treatment of disease through acupressure, only with the help of certain pressure, techniques and instruments to achieve therapeutic effects. Here are some common massage techniques.

3. Acupressure basic methods

(1) kneading method: refers to the use of a finger, multiple fingers or palm, rotating or arc massage to massage the body parts. The process of force needs to be light and heavy in order to reach the deeper layers of the muscle. Always remember: when kneading acupoints, according to the specific condition, according to the force of the weight, time, frequency of pressure and kneading, the force can not be too sudden, too erotic massage In general, single finger is used in a small area; multi-finger method is suitable for around the joints, such as around the shoulder joints; the palm of the hand is mostly used in a wide range of areas, such as the chest, abdomen, waist and back, thighs and so on.

(2) Pressure method: It is a method of applying deep pressure with fingers, palm and elbow close to a point on the body. The pressure method is heavy enough to reach deep muscles. When pressed, the point should be swollen, numb, sore and hot. Be careful: do not apply too much force or slide on the point to avoid damaging the skin. Generally speaking, acupressure is applied to smaller areas, i.e. acupuncture points; elbow pressure is applied to arms, thighs and other muscle-rich areas; palm pressure is applied to larger areas such as the abdomen, waist and back.

(3) Moxibustion:It is a method of manipulation in which the threaded surface of the fingers or palm of the hand is rubbed in a circular motion over the point of manipulation. Hand operation, wrist joints and forearms to do rhythmic circular friction. The strength of moxibustion can be large or small, depending on the patient's condition and physical fitness, and it is appropriate to feel comfortable after the operation. Palm massage is mostly used for chest and abdomen operation; finger massage is suitable for massage around the eyes and acupuncture points.

(4) take method: is to use the thumb to another finger symmetry as well as force, take the method can be taken to choose the treatment of different parts or acupuncture points. Take the force should not be too strong, to be appropriate, but also to be able to achieve to improve the muscle deeper. If we use too little force, it will not affect the role of active treatment of related diseases; if students use too much force, it is easy to make the skin problems seriously damaged. Take can be divided into two-finger take and multi-finger take. Generally in this case, two-finger holding is used to pass through acupoints, while multi-finger holding applies to the head, neck, shoulders, limbs and other parts of the body.

(5) Kneading: It is a method of rubbing up and down or back along a straight line by bringing the four fingers of the palm-sized ichthyosis or palm of the hand together, close to a certain part of the hand. The so-called kneading method refers to the four fingers together, the palm and fingers symmetrically clamped on the surgical site, from top to bottom quickly rubbing the acupoints. Remember: Use moderate pressure to avoid rubbing the skin, and use some lubricant when rubbing. Massage is generally used on the back, lumbosacral region, upper limbs, chest, ribs and abdomen.

The above five acupressure methods must be based on the patient's condition and constitution, can be used in a variety of ways at the same time, can also be used alone.