Once you can avoid timely support at a critical moment, it's even worse if you can play trance.

Friends who have played the League of Legends know that the assistant has a great impact on the entire online game, and a good assistant student often can save us by saving a game.

Why are some SEOs so effective?

As we all know from games played, there are many kinds of auxiliary heroes. guide to search engine optimization They're responsible for protecting our output or controlling the other side's heroes. In most cases, they are also the first to start a regiment. contact us seo Some in the front row are responsible for attacking and eating damage, some are responsible for protecting the back row, and there are some outputs. Once you can avoid timely support at a critical moment, it's even worse if you can play trance.

So it's important to help here.

So what does SEO have to do with it?

Of course, there is no social relationship with SEO, simple line self-media here we just want to explain that SEO and auxiliary system functions are similar, but also students are just a kind of auxiliary website ranking, but also has a very important role, so for how to assist it?

1. Fostering relationships

If you look at it from a technical point of view, then it is clear that SEO is responsible for search engines that have a good understanding of the site, and of course do not need SEO to be able to identify, but if it is not SEO, search engines tend to misjudge the site to a certain extent. First, the title is an important title display, just like your name. If the name is not written correctly, there will often be a lot of contradiction after the name calling and interaction, just to know that two people are for the same reason.

2. SEO needs a good foundation

But if, in fact, most friends do not understand SEO, think that learning SEO technology can do a good job of ranking. Well, it's not.

If the search engine finds that the site has a bad hobby, for example, two new acquaintances, in the process of communication, one of them finds that the other has some bad habits, such as the working relationship with other friends is not as friendly as he imagined, he has a bad personality and way of doing things, he often conflicts with some users, And he always ignores the problems that need to be solved. Not only that, other friends sometimes can't even understand the person, so they are reluctant to communicate with him, let alone be together. But the only good thing about this guy is that he's good looking, well dressed, and socially connected. But in the end, the two did not go together. There's not much to say about that reason.

Here, the appearance and grooming of the character is equivalent to the homepage of the website, the interface and so on. The character's personality depends on the product and content of the website content page, and the character's behavior depends on the service or after-sales service of the website. And the character's social connections are marketing promotions.

So from the essence of the structure, products and services, is the basis of a website, if our theoretical basis is not good, then SEO can not get any important role. All the teaching aid system structure design is useless. In the same way, if the enterprise auxiliary play is good, the ADC is not strong at all, the operation and management consciousness are not able to cooperate well, and the temper is not good, then the game is ready for 20 shots.