Do not slagHigh-density sponge city basic question will develop into a sofa filler, cellulose sponge manufacturerin the selection of sofa will ask the seller what they are as well as the material, or other filler is what, and most of the enterprise business information will it home filler is high-density sponge. So, high-density sponge will fall out? High-density sponge will breed mites? wholesale Konjac spongeOne can look at the detailed analysis brought by the editorial introduction!

High-density sponge will slag?

Do not slag.

In the market, "high rebound, low rebound, cushioning, plastic" has become synonymous with it. In fact, we often hear the sponge indicator measurements refer to the density of the sponge 25D, 35D, 40D, etc.. natural luffa spongeThis D is a unit (d = density), it is a unit of cubic meters, how many kilograms it has.

For example, 25D means 25 kilograms of sponge per cubic meter. Actually this kilogram determines the characteristics of the sponge. A kilogram of sponge must bounce faster, but it must also be harder. Sponges exceeding the national standard of 25D are considered high-density foam and can be used for furniture. If you use a sponge for more than 40 days, it will be very hard. Comfortable sofa cushions need to be paired with different densities of foam.

Does high density foam harbor mites?

Usually not for long, but they still need to be dried often and sheets and covers need to be washed frequently.

Filled with sponge mattresses, sofas, pillows, etc., due to the lack of student nutrition in our sponge cities and sterilized, mites can not pass in which to grow and reproduce. But still we need businesses to air out often.

Suitable temperature, humidity and food are important conditions for mites to reproduce. On Earth, mites live above and below ground, in mountains and rivers, inside and outside the creature. It can be said that they are everywhere. There are more than 40 types of mites in the living environment, including more than 10 types of mites related to human health, including dust mites, powder mites, helminth mites and scabies.

How to pick a good sponge

High-density sponges have good elasticity. As we all know, sponges will sink when they are pressurized, and we can distinguish them according to the speed of rebound after sinking.

The elasticity of sponges can be divided into three categories: high elasticity, high elasticity, super elasticity and bullet hit.

Then in general, bullet hit sponge is used for the backrest or armrests, and high elasticity and super elasticity are used for the sofa seat. Generally the sofa body with high quality sponge will have a depression of about 5-10 cm when you sit on it, and it can bounce back very quickly.

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