Smart people at work value not the level of professionalism or ability, but personality

Who hasn't met a few smart people in the workplace. Whenever we are with them, we always hope to learn something from them, but it seems to be very far away. Sometimes with them in the small talk, always want to ask them how they can be so alive in the workplace, really want to learn from them, they just faintly said: do not learn, that is too impersonal.

I don't know if they don't want to share the fruits of their labor with us, anyway, they can see a magical power in them, but not quite the same, there is a selfish sense of hiding, just don't want you to know.

The logic of smart people's thinking

We often talk about "smart people", in the end, what is it? According to my level of view of this issue, is the IQ since needless to say, emotional intelligence is also very high, many seemingly troublesome things in their hands can be handled very well. Consideration of things are very thoughtful, both to exclude the negative impact of shortcomings, but can be magnified advantages.

To deal with people are a kind of you can not say awesome feeling, look at him will say: how can his handling ability so good. There is also the ability to maximize their own interests, they know how to get the maximum benefit, but also to avoid many risks. In general, I think "smart people" in the workplace should be considered a neutral word.

Although the "smart people" their thinking logic are similar, basically in the IQ and emotional intelligence to achieve a good balance, but their way of handling to highlight a point: personality. It seems that in the professional level, ability, personality, they are the most important personality.

There used to be a leader Laohu, on the surface look like a 50s leader, but in fact is a young man. His city is very deep. The company knew that he was very professional and could analyze all the problems, and every year he had the opportunity to be promoted, and every year the candidates promoted him and gave him the candidate quota, but he applied to the leaders for abstention every time. Indicates that he does not want to move up the promotion.

According to the logic of many people, their own five years in the workplace ten years of planning, the end result will also be to be promoted to the position they want, but Laohu does not care. It is really very personal. Only later learned that he actually that position for him is the safest and most secure.

Problems he can not deal with, can be reported directly to superiors by superiors to deal with, he only needs to guide subordinates how to carry out the work on the line. And with his professional level, every meeting to make out the information is very standard. So he was in office for these years, almost 0 bad reviews, 0 responsibility, 0 risk. He is very patient with his subordinates, and he is also willing to assist other departments when they ask for help. The whole person is full of light. According to his principles are: be good, don't have greedy thoughts, be helpful, do more and say less. He was known as the "smart guy" in the company at that time.

Another colleague, just two years into the company was promoted to two levels. He did not say very capable, but he was very diligent, willing to learn, follow their own leadership will summarize the advantages of leadership, coupled with their own efforts, and customer relations are very friendly, two consecutive years of performance are the best.

But he respects his leadership very much, no matter what he does internally and externally, he is very smart, and most of all, he is not proud of his results at all, he is still so humble, and he is still so obscure. To be replaced by some ulterior motives to let people, already stomp on the nose, turn the other cheek. This is reflected in the temperament, are praised by others as "personality".

It can be seen that smart people really have their set of logical thinking, and from their results can be revealed, not necessarily ability and not necessarily expertise, but a kind of inexplicable let people praise the "personality".

"The great thing about "smart people

Why do we talk about smart people, they will think they are very powerful? Maybe they have a few qualities.

1, bored to learn. Almost all of them have a characteristic, that is, muffled learning. They know that expertise is important in the workplace, so they must first lay the foundation of this step, in order to enjoy their personalities. And this requires silent precipitation, unbeknownst to others, to allow themselves to grow up. This is the IQ.

2, learn to be kind. Even if you know you have a bad personality, you have to improve yourself in the reflection, so that their own become kind. Because kindness is the Shan Fang sword in the workplace. Positive optimism, gentle character, willing to help others, is the best way to "pull together the relationship", no one can refuse to "kindness", which is a mandatory course in their emotional intelligence.

3, look at the personality. Do not follow the usual rules. The so-called personality, is their own unique temperament, and not some odd novelty manifestation. Some people are low-key, some people are ahead of their ideas, some people are straightforward, these people are real ...... These are their more unique way to interpret "smart". The professional knowledge can be constantly learned, the ability can be cultivated, but personality, indeed, a temperament of their own, a kind of behavior belonging to their own, because of this, will be reflected in their body to the fullest.

Learn the advantages of "smart people

Obviously, since "smart people" is a neutral word, it means that they not only have advantages, but also inevitably have shortcomings, they may not want us to emulate, but we can learn from their good, to let digestion so that they can also be close to such a crowd of people.

1, low profile. Smart people to let you think he is smart before, are very low-key. Low-profile in the workplace to learn what they want, for the future development of the beneficial.

2、Cultivate good habits. Habit of helping, habit of smiling, habit of optimism, habit of leading by example, habit of thinking about problems, habit of financial planning, habit of being sensitive to work, after that, good intelligence and emotional intelligence and financial intelligence have become a natural habit.

3, have their own personality. In advance is a good personality. You always have a good personality is different from others, so let this personality along with smart to carry on. Become the "unique smart people" in the eyes of others.

In fact, smart or not, many people will think with the "natural" related, but in fact, many people can continue to radiate light in the workplace, not he was born to know how to operate their intelligence, emotional intelligence and even financial intelligence. Rather, when they are enriching themselves, they value the character that can make them comfortable in all aspects, and this, in our eyes, is the "personality".