How to buy curtains

Characteristics, uses and classification of curtains

1, blinds category:

(1) horizontal blinds

From the material is divided into: aluminum alloy metal shutters, PVC shutters, solid wood shutters, PVC foam shutters

Characteristics: Adjust the shutter blades by rotating the rod,shutter window so as to adjust the indoor light, the rope can adjust the shutter up and down, adjust the position. Blinds are simple in appearance, relatively easy to install and dismantle, good sunshade and heat insulation, some products can also block ultraviolet rays, suitable for a variety of office or private residential living room, study, balcony and so on.

2) Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds generally include fabric vertical blinds and PVC vertical blinds.

Features: Vertical blinds vertical, flat, even spacing, clear lines, decorative effect is very good, fabric vertical with moisture-proof, waterproof, anticorrosion, etc. PVC vertical curtains are easy to clean,sheer fabric corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-color fading, flame retardant, heat insulation and so on.

3) Roller blinds

Characteristics: Roller blinds can be divided into blackout roller blinds, sunshade roller blinds and light roller blinds according to the different characteristics of fabrics, and can meet the lighting needs of different rooms through the selection of fabrics. According to the operation mode can be divided into zipper shutter, flexible shutter, electric shutter.

4) Bamboo curtain

Characteristics: pulling the lifting rope, curtains can stay in any height of the enterprise. Bamboo curtains have a good lighting design effect, the texture can be clear, color as well as natural,green fabric so that people feel to carry out a return to analyze nature, but also wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant, non-fading, suitable for balconies, study rooms, hotels, restaurants and office workplaces.

2, cloth curtains category

Classification methods include curtain fabric, curtain cloth, sofa cloth, bedding cloth, luggage cloth, wall cloth and so on. According to the type of raw materials including cotton, silk, silk, velvet, linen yarn, georgette yarn, nylon, PVC and other fabrics. Requirements for accurate cutting, fine sewing, careful inspection, responsible for installation.

How to buy curtains

1、Blinds and window treatments

2、Fabric curtains category

(1) Different batches of fabrics will have a certain color difference, so pay attention to the batch number of the fabric;

(2) Understand the fabric shrinkage rate and cleaning methods;.

(3) The showroom offer will be different from the door-to-door measurement and design offer;

(4) Selection of fabric accessories is mainly through the choice of color, texture and pattern. Conduct an analysis of the choice of color, to combine the color of Chinese furniture can determine their own one as the main color, so that the overall color of the living room, the beauty of the coordinated development of the same.

Curtain construction points and analysis of common problems

1. Construction points: confirm the location, track from the wall 5-6mm.

2. Common problems

(1)There are differences in the color of fabrics in different batches.

(2)Some products will shrink;

(3)The showroom offer will be different from the offer after door-to-door measurement and design;