Gain a fundamental understanding of electrical engineering in 7 days (Become an Engineer Without Prior Knowledge) On October 23, 2020, in paperback

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electromagnetic radiation, alternating current theory, and much more!

Without any prior experience, electrical engineering Learn the fundamentals in seven days.

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Don't you think it would be nice to comprehend electrical circuits and utilize the fundamentals of electrical engineering?

No worries, this introduction to electrical engineering handbook will help you quickly grasp the fundamentals of electrical current, voltage, and energy.

Both alternating current and direct current technological fundamentals are covered in this handbook.

You can learn concurrently with the aid of little exercises and actual practical examples.

(CP1) Many happy readers have already been able to get started and develop their own talents with the aid of this beginner's guidebook; check it out for yourself.

Paperback - August 1, 2021 Intelligent Manufacturing Digital PCB System Design (Chinese Edition)



Published on: 202108-01.

Machinery Industry Press is the publisher.


Pub Date: August 1, 2021 Pages: 326 Machinery Industry Press is the author.

This book acts as a collection of textbooks for the development of skills necessary for the fusion of intelligent manufacturing production and education.


Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday and Will Need to Know Tomorrow: The Hitchhiker's Guide to PCB Design February 14, 2023 for hardcover

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Want to design a reliable, fabricatable PCB from scratch?

You're in luck, I suppose.

Get the one book you'll ever need to improve your understanding of PCBs and advance your career.

Forget the school of hard knocks, and discover everything that business professionals now wish they had known when they first started.

You will learn decades of knowledge in a fraction of the time with the help of the more than 100 pages of content, which includes checklists, pro-tips, and in-depth graphics.

The Hitchhikers Guide to PCB Design is a fun and educational read.

Beyond routing the rats, how to design a sturdy and fabricatable PCB layout Why DFX (Design for Excellence) should be used, as well as the various topics it addresses Who the participants in your project are...

Engineering Drawing for Manufacture, 1st Edition, Kindle Edition (Manufacturing Engineering Modular Series)

The transmission of engineering information via drawings serves as the foundation for the manufacturing and assembly processes. China wholesale Double-sided PCB Manufacturer

The guidelines outlined in national and international standards are followed in these designs.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is the entity in charge of global laws.

Engineering drawing has hundreds of ISO standards because it is a very complex process and reliable information transfer must be ensured.

An engineering drawing's content is a legal specification that the contractor and the subcontractor agree to in a legally binding contract.

Since the ISO standards are intended to be independent of any particular language, a lot of symbology is employed to do away with any reliance on a particular language.

Businesses can only function effectively if they can ensure accurate delivery...

First Edition of Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

In order to assist educators in achieving successful student results, Mikell Groover, the author of the go-to text on manufacturing processes, created Introduction to Manufacturing Processes as a more readable and user-friendly text coupled with a robust suite of online resources and other tools.

reducing the customary coverage of both materials and systems while concentrating mostly on processes.

An essential feature of the new book is its focus on manufacturing science and mathematical modeling of processes.

Fundamentals are combined with real-world/design case studies; process videos give students a taste of life "on the floor" in a factory, while case studies give individuals or groups of students the chance to delve into more substantial/design-focused issues.

In 2002, PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Book 696) was published. It can be read on a Kindle or on a computer.

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Whether a product passes emissions regulations on the first cycle or not depends on the printed circuit board's design.

Traditionally, board designers have been given a set of general guidelines to follow when designing EMC systems; these practices have been essentially rule-based.

Often times, a rule of thumb is disregarded when it is challenging to put into practice.

The product will frequently fail emission standards after it is constructed, necessitating a number of expensive and time-consuming add-ons.

There is no need for rigorous mathematics or academic degrees in order to construct EMCs correctly.

It is necessary to have a fundamental understanding of the guiding ideas behind the various theories explaining EMC emissions.

Equipped with this fundamental knowledge, circuit board designers can make trade-off choices in order to guarantee the best possible EMC design during the design stage.

The design will be able to meet the emissions requirements in the test laboratory on the first try if these possible sources are taken into account.

On EMC, several other books have been released.

The majority are general EMC books that don't concentrate on printed circuit boards, which is meant to be helpful for EMC engineers and designers.

Engineers reading this book will be able to identify possible emissions sources and learn how to minimize, manage, or even completely remove them.

The goal of this book is to be "hands-on," meaning that designers should be able to use the ideas it contains to improve their designs in practical settings.

With a one-year warranty, the DC92-01531B washer OEM inverter board is upgraded to replace the DC92-01378C for the Samsung WF42H5200AF, WF42H5600AW, and WF42H5600AP models.

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【Details】The standard Samsung DC92-01378C control board has been replaced by our DC92-01531B control board.

composed of unique materials and coated with waterproof glue to stop short circuits.

created especially to meet the requirements of the Samsung washer inverter board's technical criteria.

【Easy Installation】You may install our for Samsung washer inverter control board by removing the original Control Board if your washer's DC92-01531B inverter board is broken or uncontrolled.

For online viewing, you may also look for DC92-01531B on YouTube to avoid installation issues and unusability.

【Supportive Model】Replacement washer original inverter board DC92-01531b: WF42H5200AP/A2-01, WF42H5200AP/A2-00, WF42H5200AF/A2-01, WF42H5200AW/A2-11, WF42H5200AF/A2-00, WF42H5200AF/A2-11, WF42H5200AW/A2-11, WF42H5200AW/A2-00, WF42H5400AW/A2-00, WF42H5400AF/A2-00, WF42H5000AW/A2-00, WF42H5000AW/A2-11, WF45R6300AW/US-00, WF42H5200AP/A2-00, WF42H5200AP/A2-00, WF42H5200AW/A2-00, ect.

(To make sure it can be installed and operated properly, use CTRL+F to search for your particular model.

) The washer inverter board DC92-01531b is constructed from premium materials and has a waterproof coating to guard against short circuit aging.

The inverter control board is a vital component that regulates the motor speed and direction by converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), ensuring smooth and efficient operation (127V).

Damage or malfunctioning of this board might result in erratic washer behavior or even full breakdowns.

【Superb After-Sales Assistance】With a 1-year warranty, you may buy the upgraded DC92-01531B washing machine control board with assurance.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at any moment if you run into any problems changing the Samsung washing machine control board.

In less than a day, we will offer you a satisfying resolution.

Voron 2.4 Stealthburner LED Fully Assembled 3D Printer DIY Led RGBW Mini Button PCB LEDs Upgraded Voron Stealthburner Rgbw Led Kit Bright Led Light For Voron 2.4 Energy

ready for usage, already pre-welded.

Very practical The circuit board's solder joint is entirely attached to the wire, and the solder joint is saturated.

The welding of the wires and LED lamp beads makes using them more convenient.

The harness's length shall not exceed 10 mm and fall within the positive tolerance.

For usage with Voron 2.4 extruders in home or personal studios, it is appropriate.

It matches the Voron 2.4 extruder well, is straightforward to use, and can be swiftly installed without the need for additional specialist tools.

Soldering Station Hot Plate TLBZK 350W 110V LED Microcomputer Electric Preheat Rework Heater Lab (100X100mm)

Price: $49.99

Aluminium Excellent heating plate made of aluminum alloy with great thermal efficiency, quick heating, and consistent temperature.

0-400°C is the temperature range.

In order to increase the lifespan of the chip and heating core, the chassis incorporates louvers on both sides for air flow and heat dissipation instead of a fan.

This tool can be used to heat components, rework SMDs, remove and solder PCBs, remove screens from mobile tablets, and scald film.

An integrated CPU allows for clever temperature management in this heating station.

In order to avoid unintentional touch and scalding while in use, the heating table is constructed with boundaries surrounding it.

Easy to Install, High Precision Data Module Integrated STM32F042 MCU Klippe Hotend Extruder 3D Printer Part Compatible with Voron2.4 FYSETC ADXL345 Vorn Accessory Nozzle-Input-Shaper PCB Board

Price: $19.99

【Product Model】An indispensable, brand-new, premium 3D printer accessory, the Nozzle Input Shaper (NIS) for Voron Under Klipper Firmware, acceleration measurement is accomplished.

Please visit github.

com/FYSETC/Nozzle-Input-Shaper if you require further assistance.

Where should I utilize this?

Installed on the nozzle, it is more robust and accurate to the actual printing path conditions.

It is easier to grasp because the sensor XYZ exactly matches the machine.

ZH1.5 USB Interface It rattles less and is stronger than type-C.

【CRITICAL NOTE】Always make sure the NIS is removed once measurements have been taken and never leave it attached while the nozzle is hot.

Klipperr is pre-flashed on the Nozzle Input Shaper.

Keeping your KlipperFirmware versions matched is always recommended practice.

CABLE optional.

About 2.5 × 2 cm/0.98 x 0.79 inches is the approximate size of the product.

It is an essential tool for series 3D printers because to its robust build and cutting-edge features.

【Package Content】A ZH1.5 USB connecting cable and one Data Module PCB board.

7 Performance-driven China wholesale Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer