According to traditional medicine, connecting our internal organs of the twelve meridians, half of the termination of the human body's so-called "second heart" of the feet, where there are at least 60 acupoints convergence,outcall massage services the soles of the feet also have the body's internal organs of the reflex zones, when some of the internal organs of the lesions, may be reflected back to the corresponding reflex zones. Regular massage and stimulation of the feet can promote foot qi and blood flow, meridian harmony, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health care.

Rubbing the toes increases memory and nourishes the spleen and stomach The toes are far from the heart and have poor blood circulation. The stomach meridian passes through the toes, if you usually pay attention to massage the toes, can play a role in regulating the spleen and stomach. In addition, rubbing the toes has the effect of enhancing memory. Memory, computing ability and brain-related,erotic massage hong kong medicine believes that "the main kidney essence, through the brain", and the little toe is the beginning of the foot Shaoyin kidney meridian parts, so rubbing the little toe helps to enhance memory and computing ability. The method of rubbing the toes is very simple, can be used to grasp the big toes of both feet to do circular rubbing movement, a few times a day, but each time you need 2-3 minutes. You can also rub the little toe and its outer side in a circular motion with your hands for 5 minutes before going to bed or while resting.

Rubbing the ankles and reducing your own nighttime sleep As we age, many people start to urinate more and more at night, so rubbing the Zhaohai acupoint at the ankle (located on the inner side of the foot, in the depression below the tip of the inner ankle) can help reduce the number of nighttime awakenings. Zhaohai point is one of the eight chakra meeting point, left and right foot each one, often press and knead this point can stimulate our human body to carry out the lower part of the yang heat of the qi, so that it is from the feet upward through the transpiration, so that the body of the water to get to improve the gasification, urine analysis of the generation of the problem will be affected by the relative can be reduced. In addition, pressing this point can also effectively relieve patients insomnia and other symptoms caused by for Yin deficiency fire. Pressing when you feel acid, numbness, swelling can be, press different time generally should not be used too long, 5-10 minutes can be.

Rubbing the soles of the feet to warm the kidneys and expel cold to raise the spirit of the springs is the first point of the twelve meridians of the human body kidney meridian, kneading the soles of the feet is actually kneading the springs of the springs of the acupoints (located at the bottom of the foot, in the front of the foot at the depression), especially for the fear of cold, weak kidneys, no strength, lack of energy and mental health. Chinese medicine is often said to push and rub the Yongquan point is "rubbing the heart of the foot". As the saying goes, "if the body is always safe, the spring is often warm", daily adherence to rub the Yongquan point, can make people energetic, physical improvement, disease prevention ability to enhance. Although foot rubbing is beneficial to health, but pay attention to the time, strength and contraindications, foot massage time 20-30 minutes is appropriate.

It should be noted that cerebral hemorrhage, severe renal failure, heart failure, cardiovascular disease patients should be careful to do foot massage, it is best to consult a doctor to avoid aggravating the condition.