Windows key

Shortcut keys are the most commonly used keys by many computer experts when operating computers. Often, we will find that in the actual computer operation, many troublesome computer operations can be easily accomplished through a simple combination of shortcut keys, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work compared with the general operation.

Below I share some computer veterans commonly used keyboard shortcuts, I hope to help novice friends. Some you may know, but many people have to use or not used to.investintech free online pdf to word converter I hope that after reading this article can help you to improve the efficiency of the computer.

1, leave their computer should be done by doing this: Windows key + L key

Work also has privacy, if you leave your seat, press the Windows key + L key to automatically lock the screen. By doing this, you can keep your conversations and other private information private.

2, Quickly switch between multiple open windows:Alt+TabWindows key +Tab.

Method 1: Alt tab switches between the two most recently operated Windows.

Method 2:Windows key +Tab allows you to put all the windows on the desktop and switch them one by one. If you want to be cool, press Windows key + Tab to realize 3D switching effect (for Win7 and Win10), as shown below.

3, the rapid development of open "My Computer" (computer or resource environment manager): Windows key + E key

We can simply press the Windows key + E key to open the computer file explorer.

4, Switch back to the desktop in a second: Windows key + D key.

When we are browsing some more private information on the computer and suddenly someone comes over, we can use Windows key + D key to quickly switch to the desktop.

5, Quickly close all pages:ALT+F4 CTRL+W

Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 This method can be applied especially to those who like to watch a "small movie" users, when someone comes over, directly with Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 that can be used to close the information page of the enterprise at the moment.

6, how to recover the text deleted by mistake: CtrlZ

Ctrl+Z hard-written text accidentally deleted? This time you can use Ctrl+Z to restore the mistakenly deleted text. This method also applies to mistakenly deleted files.

7,How to Recover Just-Closed Pages: Ctrl Shift T

Ctrl+Shift+T When you are in the critical issue of the moment to close the enterprise's current web page in our country after wanting to restore us how to break the So easy, press Ctrl+Shift+T can get the rapid development of the recovery.

8, the picture carries on the text can be infinitely enlarged technical skills: Windows and ++++++

Windows key and images and fonts too small to see clearly? Try using the Windows key and set it to the size you want. Similarly, when you want to zoom out, press the Windows key and ---.

9, Computer external projector display:Windows key + P

Windows key P. External projector directly press this key to directly select the effect you want.

10. Screen recording:Windows key + R

Perhaps many of us Chinese netizens do not know, windows system comes with the screen for video management, press the Windows key + R and then enter the psr.exe enter can start the video analysis function.

Other window shortcuts.

Select the toolbar in the lower right corner of the desktop

Windows key + D to display the desktop.

Windows key + F to open the "Find: All Files" dialog box.

Windows key + M to minimize and all information windows.

Windows key R opens the Run dialog box.

Windows key +U opens the Accessibility Manager.

Windows key BREAK opens the System Properties dialog box.

Windows key +CTRL+F to search the computer

Windows key + Pause displays the System Properties dialog box.

Windows key T Cycles through the programs on the taskbar.

Windows key + Right click to maximize the window to the right side of the screen

Down key minimizes the window

Windows key+Home minimizes all windows except the active window.