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PH PandaHall Butterfly Wax Seal Stamp Kit 30mm Wax Sealing Stamp Removable Retro Brass Head Stamp with Wooden Handle for Halloween Wedding Envelopes Invitation Card Wine Package Decor Gift Wrapping

Price: $8.29

Butterfly Wax Seal Stamp: The wax seal stamp is in the pattern of a butterfly, embellished with moons and stars.

It has a bit of goth style and is suitable for goth-themed party decor.

Also very suitable for Halloween parties, decorate your Halloween gift, make your gift look more beautiful and delicate.

What You Get: You’ll get 1pc wooden handle and 1pc replaceable sealing stamps head in butterfly patterns.

The round metal seal stamp is 3cm(1 1/5"(30mm)) in diameter; the total length(including stamp and handle) is 8.9cm(3.5").

Ideal sizes for your DIY projects.

The butterfly is the dancer of nature, can add unique and literary savour to your invitations or gift wrapping.

High Quality and Easy Clean: the stamp is made of high quality brass and golden plated for strength and hardness; the handle is made of wood, confortable to handle.

These attributes reduce wear outs and insures these stamps are long lasting, look beautiful and keep hands clean.

Removeble Stamps: the stamp head is removeble, and it is easy to install or exchange to a different stamp.

The pattern of the wax seal stamp is retro and exquisite, suitable for DIY.

Wide Application: the sealing wax sets are fit for your label on scrapbook paper, decorating envelopes, parcels, postcards, greeting cards, gift card, wine package, perfume package, parcels, or other craft etc.

The product includes a storage box for the pink wax seal stamp, two metal wax seal molds, 200 pieces of sealing wax beads, a fast melting wax seal kit, and an electric wax seal warmer kit.

Price: $12.49

Entire Wax Melting Set: the set includes one electric wax seal warmer, one wax spoon, one box (200 pieces) of sealing wax beads in ten distinct colors with one plastic box, one pair of tweezers, one round wax seal mold, one flower-shaped wax seal mold, and one clear box to store molds.

In total, there are 207 pieces in the package, all of which can be used to meet your needs for sealing envelopes.

The ideal dimensions for our wax seal melter are approximately 4.8 x 3 x 1.3 inches, making it easy to use and store.

The spoon has a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches and a handle length of approximately 2 inches, which is sufficient for melting wax.

The round and flower-shaped molds have diameters of approximately 1.18 and 1.37 inches respectively, and come with a storage box measuring approximately 3.35 x 2.4 x 0.98 inches.

Use with Confidence: This electric wax seal warmer requires no flames, so even novice users can safely operate it.

It simply plugs in, melts quickly, is portable, and is simple to clean.

Children must be accompanied by adults, and they must turn off the heat source promptly after use.

It is also forbidden for them to touch the surface directly with their hands while it is heating.

Easy to Use: Simply place the spoon on the sealing wax melter, plug it in, and let it warm up for a minute.

Then, put the desired wax beads on the spoon using tweezers.

Finally, pour the wax liquid into the center of the seal mold that has already been placed, and seal it with a stamp to complete your task.

Broad Usage: There are many ways to use the wax seal warmer kit.

You can use it to show your love by sealing cards, envelopes, invitations, scrapbooks, wine packaging, gift wrapping, and more.

Wiccan Sealing Stamp Set, Pagan Sealing Stamp Head with Pentagram Moon Phases, Vintage Evil Eye Triple Moon Pentacle and Sun Bottle Pattern Set with Gift Box for Writing Envelope and Witchcraft Invitation:

Price: $16.99

Four significant symbols associated with Neo-Pagan and Wicca traditions are included: "Sacred Evil Eye Mystery," "Hand holds the mystical sun," "Witch bottle with magic elixir," and "Pentacle rounded with moon phases." CUSTOMIZED ACCENT: A pair of sorcerous seals suitable for novice and experienced sorcerers.

These wax seal stamps come in a set that's perfect for sealing spell bottles, writing to a pagan friend, or just adding a touch of elegance and personalization to your grimoire or book of shadows.

Additionally excellent for handmade crafts, scrapbooking, certifications, wedding invitations, letter envelope seals, and scrolls.

Multipurpose: This set is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to letters, postcards, documents, and invitations.

It can also be a thoughtful gift for loved ones, and it's a great place for a beginner to start.

Furthermore, a wax seal stamp would be a fantastic tool for any artistic do-it-yourself craft projects, like journaling.

used in judicial departments, banking, insurance, security, customs, certificates, scrolls, wine, tea, and cosmetics packages as well as for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

IN THE PACKAGE: Four easily heated, mystic-themed brass stamp heads were included in this set.

Deep engraving creates rich detail imprints, allowing the pattern to be effectively displayed.

You can use one detachable beech-wood handle for multiple stamp heads and prevent burns on your hands.

SEAL STAMP SIZE OF WAX: Approximate dimensions of the moon sealing wax stamp are 2.5 cm/1 inch in diameter, 7.5 cm/2.95 inch for the wooden handle, and 9 cm/3.5 inch for the entire length.

Vintage Sealing Wax Stamps - Sword, Dragon Wax Seal, CRASPIRE Baroque Shield 30mm Retro Detachable Brass Head for Wedding Invitations Envelope Halloween Wooden Handle Christmas Day and Thanksgiving

Price: $7.99
bee wax seal stamp

Wax Seal Stamp Dragon: One piece of wooden handle and one piece of 3 cm/1.18 inch wax seal brass stamp head are included in the package.

(Wax not included) Wax Seal Stamp Sword: Lovely stamps with a dragon sword baroque shield design; excellent craftsmanship and quality; good clarity of picture; fine details show through.

Antique Stamps for Sealing Wax: Constructed from brass and wood for the handle, it is colorfast, robust, rustproof, glossy, and easily cleanable.

It may also be reused.

Wax Seal Stamp Brass Head Replacement: Just the sealing stamp heads need to be changed or installed, and a small rotation of the brass head is OK.

Every seal stamp head in our store is compatible with the handle.

Numerous Uses: Sealing wax stamp heads can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

An original present for graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Easter, Teacher's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and theme parties.

The Moon & Sun World Map Dinosaur Skeleton Bumblebee Octopus Design is a set of six sealing wax stamps with a wooden handle and a brass head.

Price: $16.99

SEALING WAX STAMP PATTERN: This set includes 6 pieces of Wax stampers, Moon & Sun seal stamp, World Map wax seal, Dinosaur wax sealing stamp, Octopus wax stamp, Skeleton seal stamp and Bumblebee wax stamp HIGH QUALITY: These wax seal stamps are made of brass and will come with Wooden handle( Wooden handle will protect your finger from burning hurt).

Every rich ico is clear and lifelike, you will get perfect wax seal use these stamps.

Removable and installable handle make you easily change the brass head based on your need.

WAX STAMP SEALS SIZE: Brass stamp head diameter is approx.

1 inch.

Total Length with stamp head and wooden handle is approx.

3.5 inches.

Gift package Size is approx.

4.8 X 4 X 1.7 inches.

GREAT ACCESSORY: It can widely used for envelope sealing, invitations sealing, letter, cards or mails sealing.

It is also a great gift packing decoration like Wine package sealing, rustic or vintage gift decoration etc.

GREAT GIFT: This wax seal stamp set would be an amazing gift for those who love DIY your own individual Gift wrapping or Thanks Giving Card

Replacement Wax Stamp Heads for Only CRASPIRE Sealing Wax Stamp Heads Without Handles Vintage Detachable Brass Seal Head with Four Leaf Clover, 25mm, Perfect for Wedding Invitations Gift Wrapped St. Patrick's Day Envelopes

Price: $6.69

✪WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: The thread inner diameter measures approximately 7 mm, or 0.28 inches, and the seal measures roughly 25 by 14 mm.

Included in the package: One brass head wax seal stamp.

✪MAKEN YOUR CRAFT BEAUTIFUL: Use hot wax to stamp an exquisite and well-designed pattern onto envelope paper.

Don't forget to add some lovely dried flowers for a literary touch that would make your creation truly unforgettable.

✪EXCELLENT MATERIAL: Sealing stamps are composed of shiny, smooth brass that is easy to clean, non-stick, and leaves a lovely, clean impression.

✦SIMPLE TO CHANGE AND INSTALL: It's simple to change and install; a small rotation of the brass head is acceptable.

It can be tied in with a variety of 25mm stamps with a variety of patterns to create a variety of stamps.

✪WIDE APPLICATIONS: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate and embellish envelopes, invitations, wine packages, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, greeting cards, and more.

Ideal invitations as a present for a friend or relative.

Wax Seal Kit with Gift Box: 840 pieces of vintage leaf-patterned starry blue sealing wax beads Decoration Kit for Invitation Gift Envelopes with Wax Seal Stamp, Wax Seal Pen, Wax Melting Spoon, and Candles

Price: $11.99

Taoskai Seal Stamp Set in Wax and Gift Box: Includes: 840 pieces of Starry Blue Sealing Wax Beads; 1 wax seal stamp with leaves; 1 wax seal melting spoon; 1 gold metallic pen; 2 tea candles; 1 gift box.

840 Items Beads sealed with wax: A wax stamp can be sealed more easily with the help of about 840 pieces of magnificent starry blue sealing wax beads that are of excellent quality, odorless, non-toxic, smokeless, and difficult to break.

Simple to Utilize: Once the sealing wax has cooled completely, take three to five pieces and melt them in a melting spoon.

Then, pour the melted wax where it has to be sealed and stamp it.

In addition, you can adorn your wax seals with the wax seal pen, which will enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Leaves Wax Seal Stamp: Excellent for a variety of do-it-yourself crafts, including scrapbooking, documents, cards, envelopes, letters, glass bottles, wedding invites, party invitations, wedding favors, and greeting cards.

Wonderful Gift: Using sealing wax will add a personal touch to your cards, letters, envelopes, and gifts.

Give your loved ones a surprise wax seal kit for their birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary, or other holidays.

For those who enjoy wax seals, it is also ideal.

Eucalyptus Leaf Wax Seal Stamp: Lovely Botanical Garden Plant Sealing Stamper with Wooden Handle for Floral and Stylish Wedding Invitation Card Envelope Letter Planner Journal Accessory

Price: $8.99

MEANINGFUL PATTERN: The exquisitely detailed design on our stamp combines several layers of detail to create a striking contrast between classic and modern style.

CUSTOMIZED ACCENT: ideal for any event—wedding, baby shower, birthday celebration, etc.

Perfect for sealing gifts, scrapbooks, art journals, normal journals, bottles, canvases, and envelopes, invitations, tags, and postcards.

Any invitation, envelope, or other stationery piece is elevated when wax seals are added.

You can place them on the outside of your invitation suite as an instantly striking feature or on the inside as a lovely surprise.

Multipurpose: This stamp can be used to add a special wax seal to letters, postcards, documents, or invitations.

It's also a terrific gift for friends and family, and it's a great place for a novice to start.

Furthermore, a wax seal stamp would be a fantastic tool for any artistic do-it-yourself craft projects, like journaling.

used in judicial departments, banking, insurance, security, customs, certificates, scrolls, wine, tea, and cosmetics packages as well as for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: One design brass stamp head that is simple to heat and use is supplied with this stamp.

Deep engraving creates rich detail imprints, allowing the design to be effectively presented.

You can use one removable beech-wood handle for several stamp heads and prevent burns on your hands.

The size of the plant sealing wax stamp is around 2.5 cm/1 inch in diameter, with a wooden handle measuring approximately 7.5 cm/2.95 inches in height and 9 cm/3.5 inches in total length.

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