reduce the burden of housework and solve the pressure of cleaning and storage

So for housework, we may try to use these concepts:

1. Abandon high standards

Is it necessary to clean the water tank and the table Moschino Kids HK top with a bright brush? Does cooking need to be complete with three dishes and one soup? As long as it is in line with sanitation and tidiness, housework does not need to be the best and the most perfect. Even full-time housewives can abandon the high standard of housework and do not need to prove their value by extreme housework.

2. Plan a fixed housework time

Don't do housework from early to late, which will make you more tired. It's better to finish it at one time, and plan a fixed time for housework one day. It seems that only one hour is required to do housework, and the time will be over. The unfinished work will be done the next day, forcing you to "get off work" from housework.

3. Share with the family

Don't take all the housework on your shoulders. You can do it more easily and quickly by sharing it with your family. Even children can start to learn how to do housework. It's like cleaning up their mess toys and hanging their clothes back in the closet. If they can't do it properly, they should keep their eyes open and closed. Don't rush to do it again. Just have basic cleanliness.

4. Learn to be a lazy housewife

The requirement of a lazy housewife is not to do everything by yourself, but to try to use the help of new technology, such as the dryer and dishwasher, to let the machine help you finish the cleaning, and also to outsource the cleaning, and to ask the housekeeper to clean once a month to relieve the pressure.

Time should be spent with family, not housework. In order to make housework faster and easier, more and more people advocate "de-house" and "simple housework", without spending too much effort to reduce the pressure of housework.

Here are some time-saving and efficient techniques for how to reduce the burden of housework. Why not learn:

1. Food is not packaged separately, and is best electric mop for laminate floors easy to be classified and stored

Careful housewives will disassemble the packaging bags of the ingredients one by one, and put them into the fresh-keeping box and then neatly put them into the refrigerator. Although it is convenient to store them, it takes a lot of time just to disassemble and repack them.

In fact, you can use paper bags or shelves to separate the storage space in the refrigerator, and simply classify and store each item, so as to maintain order and save the effort of repacking.

2. Reduce the frequency of cooking and cook only dinner a day

Throw away the insistence of cooking yourself! Reduce the frequency of cooking, cook only dinner one day, and use takeout and take-out food for the rest of the time. If you don't cook, you will have less trouble preparing materials. The kitchen will not accumulate too much oil stains. It is relatively easy to clean.

Even if it is only for dinner, it is also recommended to choose the dishes that can be served quickly rather than the kungfu dishes that must be fried and simmered. It will not only take a long time to cook, but also be troublesome to clean up afterwards. If you like such kungfu dishes, why not enrich the table with convenient frozen products or ready-made cooked dishes.

3. Reduce the storage quantity

Don't store too many objects. It will be more difficult to store and manage if the quantity is too large. Carry out separation appropriately and don't let useless objects occupy your wooden cabinet.

The following is a list of items that can be discarded. After a good inspection, make up your mind to let go!

1) Clothes and baby clothes not worn in a year.

2) Kitchen utensils and cups and plates with missing corners for customers.

3) A painting or picture frame placed on the wall.

4) Textbooks or school works that children are not using.

5) Old shoes with worn soles.

6) Collapsible pillow core and old quilt.

7) Expired cans, condiments.

8) Maintenance test articles that are not in use.

There are other objects that are difficult to give up or keep, such as gifts and wedding souvenirs given by others. Some people think that receiving gifts and souvenirs should be taken good care of, and discarding gifts is equivalent to hong kong universities ranking discarding feelings. However, if you do not make good use of them, you just put them at home to accumulate dust, which is more efficient than transferring or discarding them.

4. Create practical storage space

Is it always difficult to store? Think about it. When you put it in the wooden cabinet, you still put it in a pile or put it in a corner. The whole wooden cabinet becomes disorderly.

It is necessary to create a convenient storage space to make storage easier, such as the large internal space of drawers and cabinets. It is proposed to use shelves or storage boxes to divide smaller storage modules. Each item has a fixed position for storage, so that it can be taken and put in one second at once, without the effort of soot blowing.