Chinese massage

"It's so cold! What a great vacation to the island of Thailand!" But beyond the warm climate,hotel outcall massage Thai massage, the essence of Thailand, is also a powerful tool to help you rejuvenate during the cold winter months.

Unlike Japanese Shiatsu and Chinese massage, Thai massage is influenced by the traditional medicine of Ayurveda and also incorporates Chinese and Southeast Asian culture, medicine and other areas of knowledge to form the Thai massage we are now familiar with.

Initially, traditional Thai massage did not use essential oils or lotions, and clients were allowed to wear clothes while receiving a massage. Rather than simply rubbing the muscles, the technician would help relax the body and make the muscles more flexible by stepping on the back, stretching the fingers, toes and even the hair.

In general, massages tend to start at the feet and gradually work their way up to the head.

In Thai massage, the masseur will adjust the body structure of some guests to the 4 necessary positions (face down on the floor, lying on the back, lying on the side and sitting) and analyze the appropriate therapies according to the different positions that can be performed.

Generally, Thai massage includes rhythmic pressure and rotation of the limbs, which are techniques used to relax the whole body.

The masseur is not the only one who exerts force during the massage. The person being massaged also needs to do a series of movements such as elbows, feet and knees. Don't be too surprised if you actually sit on the masseuse's lap. It's a way to help you stretch at full strength.

Thai massage is often compared to modern yoga in terms of holding postures and meditation because of its effects on body movement,nuru massage hong kong muscle relaxation, and breath regulation.

However, there is a difference between the two:the former is done through a technician who completes the therapeutic process and benefits from the technician's massage, while the latter requires the practitioner to independently complete a series of bending movements and remain in a meditative state.

Development of China so far, Thai massage in the whole design of Thailand's popularity is very high, from luxury brand hotels can be down to street stalls, everywhere. So, whether in the bustling Bangkok, petty Chiang Mai culture or no romantic Phuket, Koh Samui leisurely life vacation, travel as well as Thailand when enjoying such a prestigious Thai massage has an absolutely essential travel service experience.