Seven anti-mosquito "tips" big competition

On hot summer days, when mosquitoes fly, people don't want to be bitten, whether outdoors or at home. SLEEP COOL insect killer supplier In addition to insecticides, mosquito repellent is also commonly used to keep mosquitoes away from the environment. In particular, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) reminds the public that mosquito repellent used in the environment should not be applied to skin or clothing.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, there have been recent reports that members of the public used to think that "mosquito repellent" could be sprayed directly on their skin or clothing. In fact, this is the wrong way to use it. Chinese EASY ON Spray starch manufacturer According to the environmental protection Department, the labels of environmentally friendly drug repellents approved by the environmental protection Department always state "Do not spray on skin or clothing," but the general public often ignores the warnings, usage and precautions on the labels and mistakenly sprays environmentally friendly drug repellents on skin or clothing.

The use time of environmental drug anti-mosquito solution, including spraying on the screen, screen door or camping tent, because mosquitoes in the evening or evening like to stop at the door, window, tent outside, or flying around it, Chinese EASY ON Spray starch supplier and often follow people into the house or tent, in order to get rid of these annoying mosquitoes, can spray environmental drug anti-mosquito solution on the screen or screen door to drive away or avoid mosquitoes, Mozzie won't follow people into the house.

The Environmental Protection Agency says mosquito repellent is not suitable for use directly on human skin or clothing because it can cause skin allergies in some people. Members of the public are advised to read the product label carefully before using mosquito repellent to avoid discomfort caused by improper use.

Mosquito repellent: Lighting mosquito repellent is convenient and convenient, but it will cause certain harm to the human body and may induce asthma and other diseases.

Insecticidal aerosols: Insecticidal aerosols are strong and effective against mosquitoes and flies, but they also contain other toxic chemicals that can cause harm to people's eyes, lung problems and mucosal tissue development. Generally, we advocate closing doors and Windows after spraying, and families go to outdoor sports activities.

Insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets: Insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets are highly recommended by WHO as safe, reliable and effective against mosquitoes. When mosquitoes are attracted to the person inside the net and lie on the net, the mosquito is killed by the insecticide on the net. Residents can soak bed nets in katsuling tablets made by Singapore-based Briggs & Briggs, and the effects usually last for a summer. The invention is especially suitable for the occurrence of mosquito-borne diseases, migrant workers in construction sites and families with many mosquitoes. The disadvantage is that there are some difficulties in purchasing insecticides suitable for use in bed nets. The public is often unaware of this method, so vendors are often reluctant to sell this product. Wuhan Gem Health Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (85775245).

Insecticidal applicator: The insecticidal applicator is applied to the surface of the object inhabited by sanitary pests, mainly on the screen and window in the home, in order to achieve the purpose of touch, stomach poison and drive away sanitary pests. Because doors and Windows are often opened and closed, the mosquito control efficiency is not as high as the method of soaking mosquito nets with pesticides. At present, the commonly used insecticide coating agent is "Li Jie 33" window screen coating agent, which is more effective in preventing mosquitoes from entering. Residents can go to a professional company to inquire about the purchase.

Electric mosquito swatting: When the mosquito flies touch the students on the tennis racket-like electric mosquito swatting, they will be killed by the high voltage that can be generated in the historical moment. Electric mosquito swatting is suitable for a large number of mosquitoes in a period of time, focusing on killing a large number of mosquitoes, usually we can kill a batch of mosquitoes as soon as we start shooting. However, because enterprises need to use their hands to handle the electric mosquito, some people are electrocuted when using it, and some countries may even cause social fires. When purchasing brands, merchants, warranty cards are available, and try to choose products with guaranteed quality.

Mosquito lamp: Electronic mosquito lamp is the use of mosquito phototaxis to attract mosquitoes, so that it is electrocuted to death, no chemical volatilization, so it is very good environmental protection. Electric mosquito lamp "patter" sound is normal, the disadvantage is that indoor mosquitoes can not all kill, there is a certain danger, to avoid children touch, can not put conductive objects into the grid.

Mosquito repellent: Mosquito repellent is an anti-mosquito product that contains DEET, such as baby mosquito repellent. Applying mosquito repellent to bare skin will usually prevent mosquito bites for four hours. However, the application needs to be considered, miss the mosquito repellent on the skin can still have mosquito bites. Generally speaking, mosquito repellent does not have too much side effect, but children have delicate skin, it is best not to use high concentration of mosquito repellent, and do not apply it to the face to avoid being licked.