Often see videos of electric curtains like this? The homeowner comes home from work every day, and the curtains in the living room and bedroom can be intelligently sensed and switched at the touch of a button, which looks both advanced and dignified. Indeed, motorized curtains for homes have now become a popular furniture goody that can easily enhance the happiness of your home. Let's take a look at the tips of motorized curtains in this issue. Remember to bookmark.

What are motorized curtains? What is the difference with traditional curtains?

Motorized curtains are a way of controlling the Electric curtain track wirelessly through a motor drive. Usually traditional curtains are installed with a Roman rod or a horizontal rod. The curtain fabric is clipped on directly after installation and requires regular cleaning of the poles and rails. Motorized curtains use a belt drive, the motor can run in the curtain rod, with the advantages of not easy to accumulate dust and convenient.

What are the intelligent control methods of electric car curtains?

Switches and remote controls are commonly used to control the Motorized Curtain Track. But now there are the following intelligent control methods: APP wireless remote control. The curtains at home can also be operated remotely by cell phone, which is convenient and fast. Voice control. In the age of Internet technology, smart furniture is becoming more and more popular. Live control. Feel the sun open the curtains, feel the curtains close at night, is not more comfortable?

The benefits of motorized curtains?

The most obvious point is:Convenience and intelligence. It solves the trouble of traditional curtains that need to be opened and closed at any time, and is a good way to improve the quality of life. The second is comfort and a strong sense of experience. Intelligent home scenes and more scientific life experience greatly enhance the comfort and happiness of life.

What kind of games are there for intelligent electronic curtains?

Voice control, you can lie in bed and shout to open and close the curtains. Timing settings, you can set the curtains to open at 8:00 am to let the sun shine in and wake you up, or set the curtains to automatically close at 9:00 pm to let you sleep. Combined execution and batch control, multiple motorized curtains can be written as one program, one control can open and close at the same time. Linkage control, such as turning off some of the lights and automatically closing the curtains. This is a complete set of combinations that can be operated at the touch of a button. This is called linkage control.

Advantages and disadvantages of motorized curtains?

With the development of the Internet, more and more people are beginning to use artificial intelligence home, especially for the electric curtains, because of the effort and energy saving, but because of the electric curtains and ordinary curtains, the installation work is still very different, so if we want to install electric curtains, it is important to find a professional curtain installer to install.


Motorized curtains are widely used in our lives, such as high-end hotels, conference rooms, private villas and so on, these places will see the existence of motorized curtains. In these places, the installation of motorized curtains can effectively save manpower. The curtains are timed to open or close every day, which is equivalent to the installation of the curtains with a timed alarm clock, and when the alarm clock rings, the curtains will automatically open or close.

In a private house, the installation of motorized curtains has more benefits! First of all, when no one is at home, you can create the illusion that there are people at home, not only can you prevent thieves from stealing, but also if you have two layers of curtains at home, you can freely pull the curtains according to the weather, which is very convenient.


In addition to the price of motorized curtains is more expensive than ordinary curtains, it belongs to the high-end technology products, maintenance is more troublesome, need professional maintenance personnel. Secondly, the installation and removal of cleaning is also more troublesome.

Overall, the advantages of motorized curtains outweigh the disadvantages. Nowadays, the home is becoming more and more automated and intelligent, and more and more users are using electric curtains. Compared with traditional curtains, motorized curtains are more convenient to use and can be said to save time and energy. However, the installation of motorized curtains should not only determine the specific installation location, but also pay attention to the overall level, not crooked, but also pay special attention to the track fixed, otherwise it will affect the normal use. So when installing motorized curtains, you must find a professional and reliable installer to help you install!

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