It's not something you can change just because you want to. What PDF documents are unique?

PDF as a file format, known as the Portable Document Format, which is characterized by a faithful reproduction of the contents of the manuscript, close to the picture form.

In the actual need to use the management process, we have found that the problem of some PDF file system can be like a Word document, you can modify the information editing techniques, copy and paste and other operations, but some of them are the same as the picture, you can not select the text, of course, can not be edited to modify. Why is this?

1 can be edited and modified is usually directly from the text document converted to PDF documents. This PDF document can usually edit, copy and paste.

2. There is also a PDF document converted directly from a text document. In order to ensure the authenticity of the original document, or copyright and other elements, it will be encrypted, not editable.

There are also PDF documents converted from images and scanned parts that can not be edited.

For PDF documents can not be edited and modified, the network will have some great PDF document conversion, can be converted to text mode, of course, it depends on the software's ability to recognize and decode the ability.

You can use merge pdf files i love pdf to perform some operations on the PDF. There we now have the existence of some artificial intelligence on the phone literacy screen function, can be converted to extract the text in the picture, but through this copy of the text, the need for enterprises to later proofreading.