The appearance of the clock aims to help people accurately understand the time and provide convenience for daily life

The appearance of the clock aims to help people accurately understand the time and provide convenience for daily life. TUDOR Clair de Rose M35500-0004 Timepieces have long represented the cutting edge of scientific achievement because of the technical excellence required to perform this special function. Due to the active exploration of European countries in the fields of astronomy, mathematics and physics, precision watches have risen rapidly in European countries, and portable watches as an outstanding achievement in mechanical science have gradually been welcomed by the public, and the function and durability of the Royal M28500-0006 watch has become particularly important. Rolex created Hani Wellsdorf in the early 20th century, but despite the twists and turns of the time, the two brands have always emphasized the practicality and functionality of the watch.

Nature is always full of beauty and harsh environments, in the polar regions can see the magnificence, the momentum of the snow, you can feel the power of nature. In the process of exploring nature, there is no doubt that you will face a complex and changeable external environment. TUDOR Black Bay Bronze M79250BA-0001 In this case, all tools must be in good condition for the sake of safety. Precision mechanical watches as a tool to display time, shoulder a heavy responsibility. Ranger m79950-0002 Some people say that digital watches are more reliable, but the truth is that electronic components tend to fail at very low temperatures.

Northflag's design is simple and clear, showing the power storage status at 9 o 'clock and the date at 3 o 'clock, TUDOR Royal M28403-0009 so it has the most basic time element display function. Interestingly, in accordance with the design concept of traditional adventure watches, the dynamic storage and second-hand design of the watch is yellow. Science has proven that yellow is a color that can be easily recognized in low light, such as taillights and traffic lights, even on foggy days. In addition, the Royal M28503-0008 watch is equipped with a light-emitting display, which helps to improve the readability of the time in unpredictable environments.

The middle case of the watch is made of 316L stainless steel, and the ear is formed in one piece, casting a strong case structure. Instead of using the traditional welded individual lugs or removable lugs, the NorthFlag Extreme watch features a lugless middle case construction, with a strap or bracelet that can be directly connected to the case. The surface of the case is frosted to improve the wear resistance of the watch and create a resolute visual effect. The bezel is a special double-layer structure, the upper layer is 316L steel, the lower layer is ceramic material, strong and durable, fragile but wear-resistant, this combination in addition to the technical sense, in actual use also plays many roles, such as the side can prevent wear, maintain the appearance of the texture, can prevent collision, protect the ceramic material.

This new watch can be equipped with two strap materials, one is a metal chain, one is a leather strap, very much in line with the spirit of the Chinese watch instrument.

The appearance design is good, and the shell shape meets the relevant requirements of enterprises to wear reasonably, which adds a stable safety management guarantee for the development of watches. In a special environment, the factors that determine whether the watch and whether it can be reliable depend on whether the movement can run stably. The core function of the movement is the balance spring system. Balance spring is also the primary influencing factor of our daily movement walking time. Due to the limitations of material quality characteristics, many materials are not suitable for adventure watches. Therefore, we can see by seeing that most watches that can be used in the polar regions use a special educational material, such as Rolex blue niobium hairspring and widely used silicon hairspring. The MT5621 uses a silicon spring, which is completely diamagnetic and temperature resistant, so it can still maintain normal teaching work at low temperatures.

The Tudor MT5621 self-winding watch is not very refined decorative polishing, but decorated with a very elegant sandblasting effect, just like the group's manufacturing philosophy for the movement. Movement balance wheel with four arms four screws fine balance wheel, Incabloc shock absorber, no spring, Swiss lever escapement, vibration frequency 28800 times/hour. However, from the point of view of the balance spring and shock absorption system, we have seen the precision movement structure chosen by many high-end brands. The motion thickness is 6.5 mm, the diameter is 33.8 mm, the thickness of the ETA2824 is only 4.6 mm, the diameter of 25.6 mm, indicating that this self-produced motion is much larger than the ETA movement commonly used by Rudder, which means that it has more space, the part size can be made larger, and the performance is relatively easy to improve.

Interestingly, the MT5621 also has bidirectional automatic chain, COSC certification, instant jump calendar quick adjustment, used pause adjustment, power storage display, 70 hours power storage and other features, almost the standard for high-quality basic exercise today.

Since the launch of the Tudor NorthFlag at the end of last year, this timepiece, which embodies the new brand spirit of Tudor, has been very popular. People love to appreciate its detail and excellent accuracy, and even more love its simple, clear and adventurous traditional dial design. The Tudor NrothFlag has become another indispensable watch in people's minds. Adhering to the spirit of exploring nature, accurately grasping the time and mechanical properties, thoroughly displaying its first mechanical achievements, becoming the focus watch of 2015.

Sometimes when the watch is scratched or the company needs to renovate and watch, the watch machine can be polished. It has the following three functions:

Function 1: Reduce friction. The "specification" stipulates that all gear train tooth ring edges and support beams must be angled, steel tooth nails and their cross sections, all shaft ends and pillars must be mirror polished. The ruby bearing hole must be highly polished, and the plane contact with the axle section must be arc polished, at least plane polished. In the structure of the chain system, the bite surface of the vertical wheel, the ratchet wheel, the small steel wheel and the large steel wheel must be polished to make the chain effort-saving and smooth. The above regulations effectively reduce friction and prevent the spread of ground oil losses. It improves the stability of the operation of the clock, greatly reduces the motion wear, and improves the service life of the clock.

Function two, closely combined, stable operation. The rule stipulates that the surface of all these parts in the movement must be smooth, the edge must be shaved and polished, and the inside and side of all working parts must be polished. This can not only remove the burrs left by mechanical processing, but also reduce the internal stress of the metal, and avoid very small deformation of the metal in the use of enterprises. Internal research and grinding we can make the splint and other fasteners close together, stable and reliable.

Function three, easy maintenance. The rule stipulates that all the edges and dents of the screw cap should be shaved and polished, the screw tail should be polished flat or spherical, the edges of all steel parts must be shaved, polished, polished to make it as bright as a mirror, and the edge of the cleat is shaved and polished to reduce the chance of damage to the parts during maintenance. Non-scratch-resistant parts make assembly easier. In addition, the grinding regulations of steel parts in the law increase the finish of the steel surface, reduce the degree of water vapor attachment on the steel surface, and greatly reduce the problem that steel parts are easy to rust.