quartz benchtops

1. Look

Quartz stone is an important feature of quartz stone surface finish is good, quartz stone surface structure is very tight, delicate non-porous, oil is not easy to penetrate. Daily oil problems,quartz benchtops just use a rag with water to wipe clean. So when you buy it you can use a marker to draw on the table, and then see if you can easily wipe it off, you can say that the stain resistance is very strong. To see the back of it, regular manufacturers usually spray code on the back.

2. Scratch

High hardness and abrasion resistance is another important feature of quartz stone countertops. Quartz stone contains more than 93% should be when the hardness up to Mohs hardness 7, higher than the kitchen spatula, not easy to scratch. So the identification method is not to use the key to identify the hardness of the tile, but with a steel knife. If the inside of the steel knife reveals white,quartz slabs proving that the hardness is lower than the steel knife, is a fake quartz stone. If only a black trace is left, it is the real quartz stone. Because the steel knife scraping quartzite is not hard enough, it is easy to leave the color of the metal.

3. Burning

Another feature of quartzite is that it cannot be burned at high temperatures. Its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees. Quartzite with a purity of 93% is completely flame retardant and will not deform,quartz vanity tops scorch or break at high temperatures. Therefore, you can press a lit cigarette butt against the counter or just light it with a lighter. Once scorched, scrub with detergent and water. The one that can be scrubbed clean and leave basically no trace is real quartz stone. If you can't scrub it clean and leave a yellow mark, it's fake.

4. Acid

Pour a teaspoon of edible white vinegar on the quartz table (remember to use white vinegar, other vinegar such as aged vinegar is invalid). After about 30 seconds, if tiny bubbles are produced, it proves to be fake quartz. Fake quartz contains calcium carbonate, which will react with acetic acid to produce bubbles.

5. Soy sauce or red wine

In the purchase of quartz stone countertops, you can use a colored pen in the above we draw, or drop some soy sauce or something, wait a moment and then wipe in time to see if you can wipe the traces clean, if you can wipe clean, proving that a quartz stone countertops surface finish and resistance to stains is very good, if you can not wipe clean, it is best not to because of the choice.

6. count

Many advantages of quartz stone destined to its price will not be cheap, if the price is low, then we should pay attention to not artificial granite. Although the price is cheap, but the quality is not good.