Top ten applications of BIM technologyMany of my friends ask what BIM is? What are its functions and role in a project?Bentley ProjectWise Follow us today as we explore the range of applications of BIM technology in engineering and construction.

Top ten applications of BIM technology

Reinforcing steel for deepening teaching design, construction and decoration,Bentley BIM site environment layout optimization, foundation pit engineering, safety technology protection system engineering, scaffolding engineering, template modeling engineering, navisworks software development application, revit and arithmetic model of mutual guidance application, project construction collaborative development management accounting application

1、Deepening design of steel reinforcement

Combined with the actual project, the reinforcement model of the office building was established, including the analysis of reinforcement mapping, description of reinforcement layout rules, establishment of reinforcement model, and staged setup of components. By establishing the three-dimensional model of reinforcement, the collision problem of reinforcement joints can be solved.

Using Revit set puddle, raft slab variable section, human defense door frame shaped wall, columns, shaped beams, stairs, daughter walls and other components of the steel reinforcement model creation.BIM Viewer A variety of ways to create components, the use of revit software classification set the list of reinforcing steel components, detailed statistics in stages of the project.

2、Architecture and decoration

Combined with the actual project for office building building modeling creation, building decoration modeling creation.

Set the parameters of backfill, floor, wall, roof decoration layer, staircase decoration layer, doors and windows, floor curtain wall windows, balustrades, step diffuser, steel canopy, roof and other component families, draw the model in stages, and carry out detailed statistics.

3、Site layout optimization

Combined with the actual project site layout plan, including a project management site of various types of infrastructure, components of the model can be created and arranged. Master site model creation and site design, layout points, and site layout in the technology, safety education requirements.

The use of revit software for site design modeling of the whole process of operation. The use of revit software for site modeling and navisworks software roaming operation, with the project tender production, improve the enterprise winning rate.

4、Foundation pit engineering

Combined with the pit excavation, slope protection, edge protection of the actual project, including the creation and arrangement of the model of each component of the pit, to master the pit model creation and the main points of the design of slope protection piles, as well as the technical and safety requirements of the pit edge protection.

Use Revit software to model the foundation pit, and combine the site layout with collaborative modeling, linking the application of the whole process operation. Use Revit software for pit modeling and navigation software roaming operation, with the preparation of project bidding, assisting in the disclosure of three-dimensional technical information of the pit, and the statistics of project quantity.

5、Safety Protection Project

Combined with the construction program, create a safety protection component family and establish a safety model, including safety access, protective railings near the structure, hole protection, elevator shaft protection, staircase edge protection, etc.. The safety modeling is based on the construction plan, as well as component family creation and model layout, component creation stage setting, classification progress setting, safety model creation methods and requirements for erection projects, and fine statistical management of safety protection materials.

Modeling information security protection utilizing revit. Utilizing revit software enterprise to carry out network security protection material development actual engineering quantity statistics, precise control environment security turnover material, reduce project construction cost.

6、 Scaffolding project

Floor-to-ceiling double-row scaffolding

Combined with the creation of the actual engineering scaffolding components family, the creation of the basement exterior wall floor double row scaffolding, model creation and scaffolding components arrangement, including pads, vertical rods, horizontal rods, scaffolding boards, dense nets, horizontal safety nets, skirting boards, connecting wall rods, etc., to master the method of establishing the double-row scaffolding model and the requirements of the scaffolding construction program, and the scaffolding materials for the detailed management of statistics.

Using the scaffolding construction program and specifications, master the methods and skills of creating scaffolding models with Revit software according to the requirements of scaffolding construction, and achieve the purpose of BIM refined project management.

Overhanging double-row scaffolding

Combined with the construction program to create a family of cantilevered scaffolding components, scaffolding model, including I-beams, embedded steel, angles, matting, unloading wire rope, vertical steel, horizontal steel, scaffolding boards, mesh net, horizontal safety nets, skirting boards, connecting wall rods, holding column connections, unloading platforms and so on. Master the establishment method of overhanging scaffolding model and the requirements of erection construction program, as well as the fine statistical management of scaffolding materials.

7、Template modeling project

Combined with the creation of the actual engineering template component family, the template support of the wall, frame columns and floor slabs are explained, including the modeling and arrangement of the template and support system components.

Use revit software system to analyze the template modeling and template material segmentation statistics dosage. Utilize revit software enterprise to carry on the template material development actual engineering quantity statistics, accurate management control turnover material, reduce the construction project company cost.

Navisworks software application program

Combined with the actual project model, the use of navisworks software basic function operation method, and then integrate the application of the actual project of the office building site, pit, construction, structure, mechanical and electrical professional actual model, animation browsing, sectional application, animation recording; 4D building fine simulation; collision checking and export the list of problems.

Through the use of Navisworks software for parts clearance and size measurement, you can master the actual comprehensive operation method of BIM application Navisworks software and expand your thoughts.

9. The application of mutual guidance between revit and computational modeling

Combined with revit structural, architectural design model, the use of revit model can be exported to the GFC file system operation, and then the new civil construction calculation file, the GFC file imported into the use of computer software by adjusting the strength of each layer of soil mixing different levels of relationship between processing, each layer of components list and the application of the quota subheading, and finally the students to analyze the engineering technology data exported.

Solve the bottleneck problem of BIM model and calculation, achieve the purpose of using BIM model calculation, control the actual cost of the project.

The BIM project collaborative management platform allows you to understand the project teams involved by all parties, permission assignment, project creation, model uploading, and model local download.

Use the model as a carrier for dialog, screenshot, picture uploading, quality, safety, and technology management; use the data management function to check and fill in forms, use the platform to generate 2D codes for material tracking and management; use the platform for progress management and other practical explanations.

Focus on the landing application, fine modeling and practice in building construction, proficient in the application of models in construction projects and management techniques.

(Models are uploaded → Models can be browsed → Guidance on engineering construction → Problems as well as collaboration → Progress control → Acceptance).

From overall modeling to detailed application, from quality inspection to progress tracking, from project statistics to project completion, BIM technology has a broad application space in all stages of construction.

The visualization of BIM makes engineering construction more intuitive and avoids rework; the refinement of BIM makes the project cost accurately controlled. Therefore, BIM technology is an effective tool for engineering construction project management.

What is lacking in the BIM era is compound talents who can skillfully use BIM technology and add value to the project.

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