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If you are unable to recover the password for a word document, you may need to recreate the document or restore it from a backup.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files It is recommended that you use easy-to-remember passwords for word documents in your daily life and backup important documents regularly to avoid data loss.

All the above methods need to have the right password to cancel the password, but some friends will forget the password. In this case, to remove the password, we need to use a decryption tool to help us decrypt the password before canceling it.

If you forget the password of word document, you can follow the steps below:

Use an alternate user personal account: If you share the development computer or use an alternate user for the account, you can open the document by trying to use another account yourself.

Restart the computer: Sometimes restarting the computer can solve the document password problem.

Use Password Reminder: If you have ever set a password reminder for a Word document, you can find it below the password entry box.jpg to pdf converter and combine Password hints can help you recover the password.

There are some tools online that can help us unlock the password directly with one click, which is very effective. We recommend you to use [Password Recovery Assistant] , which has a special password recovery technology that can effectively help solve the problem of forgetting password. Simply search for the link pointing to the image in your browser

After entering the website page, find the User Center page, click Online Decryption, and then click the "Start Now" button.

In the user information center management page, select the PPT slide that you want to retrieve the password or remove the restriction, and then upload the data file.

 After completing the data upload, the system will immediately start to decrypt or remove the password technical operations.

Wait for a period of time, the system will automatically decrypt or remove passwords

After completion, you can directly download the decrypted document and re-edit or view the content.

If you are used to creating backup files for Word documents, you can try to recover data from the backup file if you cannot open the document password.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf The actions are as follows.

1. Open Word software and click on the File tab. 2.

2. Select Information from the pop-up drop-down menu. 3.

3. Click the Manage Versions button and select Browse Versions. 4.

4. In the Versions pop-up page, select the backup version you want to restore and click Restore. 5.

5. If the backup version has a password, enter the correct password and click OK.

If you have tried the above methods, but the problem is still not solved. Then you can consider reinstalling Word software, or in other ways to open the document, such as converting PDF files and then open, replace the computer and so on.