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Is your computer desktop still clean? I didn't realize that the arrangement of computer files can also affect our productivity.

This article shared today is worth organizing fanatics to take a look and clean up your computer together!

1. Clarify the purpose

The purpose of organizing files is for convenience and efficiency.combine pdfs for free windows Some people can find their rhythm in clutter. If you can't, read on.

2. Dispose of them as you go

Just like organizing the clutter in your life, when dealing with files on your computer, dispose of them casually and sensibly. For example, if you download a piece of software, delete the installer or archive it immediately. Try the "two-minute rule."

3. Regular organization

Regular organizing, i.e. organizing the node weekly, monthly or longer,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files and backing up your file system. This action reinforces your organizational rules and habits and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

4. File structure with directory storage

File system structure and naming conventions should be consistent with the way your brain thinks about life, so let's determine a pattern that works well for you and save files where you think they should be.

Home directory: In the case of Windows, for example, you don't need more than 3 partitions, while Mac and Linux only need to define a home directory, and categorize them with directories instead of partitions.

Below the home directory you can categorize by function,pdf editor online such as images, software, music, videos, I don't recommend using the system's built-in User folder.

Hierarchy: The hierarchy of the directory should not exceed three levels. For example, D:/music/popmusic/Zhang San or doc/backup of incoming and outgoing emails/company A. For work, you can also set up folders according to the year, month, and day, for example, 2019 work/design/PPT original draft.

Progress: you can use in progress, completed, filed classification

If you are not sure about the classification, you can name it "Uncategorized" and fix it later.

Fix your pattern, easy to migrate. For example, I always put my green software in D:/tools/, and the parameter configuration remains the same.

Separate applications from documents.

5. Create a collection box

Wherever files are generated, they go through an inbox, similar to the inbox of an e-mail system. There is one and only one inbox, and you can use inboxes in this way:

Create a folder on your desktop or home directory, don't leave it randomly on your desktop, and keep the pretty wallpaper from being obscured by cluttered icons.

Set your browser, downloads, and social software transfer directories as inboxes

For files that can't be immediately archived, put them in your inbox.

Empty your inbox on a regular basis, such as before the end of each day

6. Concise file naming scheme

File naming should be clear and concise. If you need to sort them, you can add a serial number. If necessary, you can also add the names of people, places, names, etc. To facilitate the search. If the English is not good, it is more convenient to use Chinese, there is no need to learn from others.

It is not recommended that too complex to name this way, not conducive to the display of data, to complicate the simple content.

7. The use of notes tool to store documents

For documents, it is recommended that you can choose a notes software system, the integration of fragmented pictures, articles. Choose as a very suitable for their own notes software, it is necessary. Classification model to create subdirectories, including inbox directory, do not save too much web page technical information, try to digest into our own knowledge, save links and keywords to ensure that the construction of multi-platform synchronization.

8. Ensure that you can quickly locate files

If the previous file structure and naming has formed its own set of patterns, then locating the files will be easy.

The first thing you need to consider is where the file might be, and if you saved it in your own schema, it should be easy to find it.

Create shortcuts to frequently used directories on the desktop or taskbar, or bind to the Quick Launch tool.

Change the layout mode of the file, for example, for pictures we can choose the big picture, and for files that you need to see the time of modification choose the detailed data information.

9. Learn to backup

Imagine your hard disk failure, you will regret those files did not save, hurry to save these things.

One way to create a backup file is to make a copy immediately. Get a removable hard disk and back up your important files regularly. Keep this hard drive safe after you back up. For photos consider Google photos, high quality unlimited space.

For entertainment games, audio and video, etc., consider a separate partition or removable hard disk for storage.

Finished folders can be packed, especially if there are a lot of scattered files but not too big in size, and then backed up to a cloud drive or sent to Gmail, which has a powerful search function of its own.

CREATOR: It is recommended to save and back up files that you have created individually. The creation is unique and can be copied and downloaded repeatedly.

10. Make good use of system shortcuts

Windows system shortcuts, daily to master some, repeated application to remember.

11. Make good use of text documents

Text documents are my favorite, they are controllable, easy to write and convert.

When choosing an app or software, try to choose one that can be exported in plain text format, not private format.

You can rely on full-text search to find out the content of document management.

12. Avoid hoarding files

Clean up your files regularly. If it's easy to download, don't save it. There are too few computers that leave the Internet, except for very large files or materials to the point of taking up as little space as possible.

Make a list:It's a good idea to make a list of websites, software homepages, image download sites, etc. that you use frequently. Instead, save many downloaded files.