With the continuous development of the Internet, enterprises want to expand the scope of publicity, they need to use the Internet to promote themselves. Only in this way can more users learn about the enterprise through the Internet, so as to obtain more traffic.seo what is seo And if enterprises want to achieve this effect, they need to carry out SEO website optimization. Therefore, this article will introduce some methods that can quickly optimize the website SEO.

1. Submit the URL to the search engine

For new websites, search engine spiders do not know the existence of the site. We can go to the major search engines to submit our URL. Specific methods, please refer to the collection of major search engines guide, tell the search engine "Hey, here is a new site, come and take a look at it". It should be emphasized that the submission of the collection does not mean that it can be found immediately from the search engine, because it can be found depending on the specific operation strategy of the major search engines, the collection time can not be controlled. Typically, this time ranges from a few days to a month, and many factors can affect this time. Please continue reading this article.

2. Increase the frequency of updates

When the spider crawls on the website, if you find that the content you see each time is not different, the spider will become lazier and lazier, and the number of visits will become less and less, which will also affect the search engine's collection of the website. Therefore, frequent updates will help search engine rankings.

3. Page keyword optimization

Crawlers read the content of web pages to understand the function of a website or site. Therefore,wordpress saas it is very essential to set the keywords and description of the web page.

4. Website Content Optimization

According to Fanke's experience in website construction, new websites should have a certain amount of original content, such as company news and profiles, which is beneficial to search engine collection. However, you should never copy articles from the Internet for inclusion, which will damage the quality of the website and may cause search engines to judge your website as low quality and not included. Original articles are valuable to search engines!

5. Domain name selection

High-quality domain names and sub-domains have different weights in search engines. Therefore, after the creation of the site, in order to collect and get better rankings as soon as possible, it is recommended to buy or bind a high-quality domain name.

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