Most of us use PDFs every day, and macOS makes it easy to combine PDFs. this means you can quickly merge two or more PDF files into one. In addition, you can merge specific pages from one PDF into another. This can be done through the Preview app, the Finder, or third-party apps. Let's take a look at all these methods to see how to merge PDFs on Mac.

How do I merge two or more PDFs on my Mac using Preview?

Apple's default Preview app is very powerful.merge two pdf pages into one page mac It makes it easy to merge all or part of two or more PDF files into a single PDF.

Note: Preview automatically saves your changes. If you want to leave the original PDF intact, choose File→Copy to make a copy of the PDF before merging.

Follow the steps below to merge one PDF file with another:

1. Open the first PDF file to be merged in Preview.

2. Click View and select Thumbnails from the top menu. This will display the page thumbnails in the sidebar.

3. Click Page Thumbnails.

4. Choose Edit→Insert→From File Page.

5. Select the PDF you want to add and click Open. This will add the second PDF to the first PDF. drag the thumbnails to rearrange the pages.

6. Go to File → Export as PDF to save the merged file.

How to merge part of a PDF with another PDF on Mac?

1. Launch Preview.

2. Open the PDF files to be merged in a separate window. If the files open as tabs in the same Preview window, click the Window menu and choose Move Tabs to New Window.

3. In each PDF window, click View → Thumbnails. This will display page thumbnails in the sidebar.

4. Now drag the thumbnails from one file to another PDF. you can use Command-Click to select multiple thumbnails.

5. Go to File → Export as PDF to save the merged file.

The Best Way to Merge PDF Files on Mac with Finder

If you have multiple PDFs that you want to merge into one, you can do it within the Finder itself. Make sure the PDFs are all in the same folder. Then, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the files you want to merge.

2. Right-click or hold down the Command key and click on the selected files.

3. Go to Quick Actions → Select Create PDF. The Finder will create a new PDF file in the same folder.

4. You can use the page thumbnails to reorganize the pages.

Note: You can only combine images or PDF files into one. It does not work with .doc or .xls extensions.

How to merge PDFs on Mac using specialized third-party software like PDF Editor?

While Preview and Finder are sufficient, sometimes you may need advanced editing features. That's where specialized third-party software like PDF Editor can help.PDF Editor offers a number of features discussed in our detailed review. It has several different options to combine PDFs, as described below.

I. Combine two PDF

1. Open the PDF file in the PDF editor.

2. Click the page thumbnail icon.

3. Click Attach Files in the top toolbar.

4. Select the PDF to merge.

Second, merge more than two PDF

First, make sure that all the PDFs you want to merge are in the same folder. Then follow the steps below:

1. In PDF Editor, click File → Merge Files.

2. Select all PDFs to be merged, and then click Merge.

3. To save the merged PDF files, go to File → Save As.

Third, a PDF of individual pages with another PDF merge

PDF Editor also allows you to merge specific pages in one file with another. That's it:

1. Open a PDF file in PDF Expert.

2. In the upper left corner, click the View Settings icon and then select Vertical under Split View.

3. In the right pane, click Select File and open another PDF file. It will appear next to the first file.

4. Click the Page Thumbnail icon at the top.

5. Now, simply drag pages from one PDF to another as needed.