Learn these 4 chore methods to do housework fast and accurately

1, limescale: citric acid + fish scale cloth to remove

Washroom long-term storage of water, bathroom mirrors, faucets, shower often have limescale, general scrubbing how to wipe can not be washed off. This time we can use citric acid + fish scale cloth easy to remove!

How to do it: Melt citric acid in a spray bottle, spray it on the bathroom mirror and taps, leave it for 5-10 minutes and wipe it off with a fish scale cloth to achieve a neat and shiny effect.

Fish scale cloth fiber density is very high, will not be like the general towel that leaves water stains, clean up at the same time there is a very good polishing effect.

2、Kitchen cleaning: kitchen wipes

The traditional towel + cleaning solution collocation, the probability is to clean the kitchen once every few weeks, it is difficult to keep the kitchen clean all the time. Because this form of cleaning the kitchen, although completely but trouble, use to be careful of damage to kitchen appliances, but also to wash the greasy towel, very laborious.

If you use kitchen wipes, it is convenient to clean up as you go. There is no need to worry about damaging the kitchen appliances, wipe the kitchen appliances and the cooktop, you can wipe them with your hands and discard them later, super convenient. Kitchen cleaning frequency, but also from once every few weeks, into once every meal, naturally to maintain a lasting clean.

3, structural glue long mould black: remove mould gel

Even if it is a new home, if the climate is wet and cold, move into a period of time, as if the kitchen sink, glass window edge, floor tile small portable vacuum cleaner surface and other locations also as usual long mould, then we can use the mold curry!

How to do it: Squeeze the mould removal gel onto the mouldy areas, leave it for a few hours, then wash it with a cleaning towel and the mouldy spots will disappear.

The mould removal gel adds a retarder, which can also inhibit the growth of mould to a certain extent.

4、Pots and pans grease cleaning: white vinegar + lemon water + salt

When pots and pans are used for a long time, they accumulate a thick layer of grease, how can you wipe it off? Use white vinegar + lemon water + salt can be ~

Directions: Pour white vinegar, lemonade and salt into a spray bottle and shake well. Cover the greasy bottom pan with a piece of napkin, spray it with the mixed liquid and leave it for 20 minutes. Remove the napkin and all the grease is absorbed. Scrub the bottom of the pan with a rag and the black dirt will be easily removed~

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