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When it comes to cleaning, many people get a headache. Although it is not a difficult job, not everyone can keep bending over and cleaning day after day. As a result, vacuum cleaners have become a popular product that solves the problem of difficult cleaning at home.Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Company A good vacuum cleaner not only brings a clean environment to your family, but also makes lazy people love cleaning. However, facing a wide range of products and brands, many people do not know how to buy. Today we will talk about how to buy a good vacuum cleaner products.

Vacuum cleaner into a home life essential cleaning and development tools

1, brand

There are many types of vacuum cleaners on the market with different prices and features. The variety of brands is also dizzying. From small brands to international brands, the list is endless. Which brand of vacuum cleaner is suitable for use? As a matter of fact, in my opinion, choosing a big brand is still a guarantee. You may say it's vanity.handheld wireless vacuum cleaner In fact, it's not just about going for a name brand, it's also about the fact that the quality, protection and user experience of a big brand is better than that of a smaller one.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are more popular

2, product type

Corded vacuum cleaners were more popular in the early days, with the continuous improvement and development of vacuum technology, as well as the growing needs of people's lives, handheld cordless vacuum cleaners gradually catch up with the corded vacuum cleaners and become the main force of household vacuum cleaners. Traditional corded vacuums are usually fitted with trash storage bins which are relatively bulky and plug-in. Changing rooms requires changing plugs, and dragging can scratch floors. On top of that, things like ceilings and chandeliers are too high to reach. Cordless vacuums are the best choice as the cordless dust canister and motor are combined into one unit, they are generally used on multiple charges, they are lightweight and convenient, they are easy to overshoot, and they scan a wide range of scenarios.

Multiple suction heads can cope with more cleaning scenes.

3, Application Scene

China's traditional family education environment than foreign family life is more complex, because of the rich and diverse development of smart home items and other decorative scenes and styles are not the same, so in the cleaning time will also be more difficult to also increase. After all, cleaning can be not only the ground hygiene,wireless vacuum cleaner supplier there are many different places, so companies need vacuum cleaners can adapt to the society of multiple scenarios. Many company brands of vacuum cleaners will be equipped with multiple brush head, whether it is high or low, just need to convert the brush head or suction mouth can be dealt with. So the product technology application research of the product with more suction head accessories is more simple and convenient.

4, range

Range is very important for cordless vacuum cleaners. No one wants to lose power while cleaning. Range depends on the type and capacity of the vacuum cleaner battery. Vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are generally categorized into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries for power batteries, and different types of battery life. Currently, only lithium-ion batteries are preferred by many brands. Most vacuum cleaners are powered by lithium batteries, which are safe and reliable.

Range is very important for vacuum cleaners.

5. Suction power

Vacuum cleaner as a highly efficient solution to home cleaning problems, making the home spotless intelligent products, its suction power is particularly important, as the saying goes. The size of the suction power is directly proportional to the goodness of the motor. There are two types of motors on the market: ordinary motors (brush motors) and Japanese NIDEC motors (brushless motors), the more advanced is the NIDEC motor, not only suction power, but also low energy consumption.

The suction power affects the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner.

6, secondary pollution

Just cleaned the room if another layer of dust or a very upsetting, however, the vacuum cleaner "exhaust" problem research is not very rare. Many corporate brands of vacuum cleaners due to the network technology and manufacturing shortcomings, the body of the airtightness is poor, often dust from the vents out, equivalent to futile, and "escape" dust scattered in the air in China may lead to trigger the health of students in other countries to develop problems. So it is important that we choose a vacuum cleaner that has a good operating system through the filter and a good seal on the dust canister.

Mite removal function is important

7. Mite removal function

Bedding is a high-risk area for mites, long-term life in the mites will lead to "rosacea" harm, allergies, scabies and other serious skin problems, not only jeopardize their own health, but also affect the children's IQ, skin damage to the family, and more likely to cause allergic rhinitis and asthma and other symptoms. Therefore, it is especially important to buy a vacuum cleaner with the function of removing mites, so that you can clean the mites when cleaning and hygiene, and care for the health of your family.