How to edit PDF files?

This does not allow the use of PDF editors, that is, software specifically designed to edit PDF files. Just to edit some content, edit directly in the PDF file, do not need the trouble of conversion, pdf editor freemake PDF more enjoyable to use.

I really want to severely praise a praise this system software, although the Pro version is more expensive, but expensive reason, a variety of social functions can be used really need to be very obvious pleasure.

Of course, if you want freedom, he has a flat alternative: the personal version. It is free to use, but some functions are also live, but it does not affect its use.

Let's take a look at how to edit a PDF file and remove some content or pages!

1. Start PDF editing, then select "file-open" and select the PDF File you want to open.

2. If you want to delete some blank pages or advertising pages, you can use the "page management - delete" function on the left or "View page thumbnail" to select the page to delete, right-click, select delete operation. In the dialog box that appears, enter the number of pages to delete and confirm the operation.

3. if we only need a small portion of the content of a large file rather than the entire work content of the enterprise, we can use the "page information management - extraction" function design provided by the editor or the "View page thumbnail" on the left to select the page to extract the research. Right mouse click and select "Page Extraction". In the pop-up window, enter the page number and mode that you want to improve the extracted separation (such as developing it as a new PDF document for students), and finally confirm the actual operation method.

In fact, the overall operation is very fast, as long as you use your hand a little, you also know how to operate.