Due to the very rich reserves of aluminum, while having more excellent performance, which can also determine the aluminum in industry and life in a wide range of application techniques, the following is that we will be based on its performance briefly introduce the application of aluminum.

1. Small density

Aluminum density of 2.7 g/cm3 (iron and copper density of one-third), with ductility, conductivity for two-thirds of the copper wire, but the quality of only one-third of the price is cheaper, and a large number of high-voltage wires used in the manufacture of wires, cables, radio industry. Pure aluminum density is relatively low, but the density of aluminum alloy, hardness has been greatly improved, aluminum alloy has been widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships and other manufacturing industries. In addition, the universe rocket, space shuttle, artificial satellite also use a lot of aluminum and its aluminum alloy.cnc aluminum parts

2.Heat conductor

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat (its thermal conductivity is three times greater than iron), industry can be used to make a variety of heat exchangers, heat dissipation materials and cookware.aluminum t profile

3. Ductility

Aluminum has good ductility (second only to gold and silver), can be made at 100 ° C ~ 150 ° C aluminum foil thinner than 0.01 mm. These foils are widely used for packaging cigarettes, candy, etc. They can also be made into aluminum wire, aluminum bars and rolled aluminum products.led panel aluminum frame

4. Corrosion resistance

In the air, a dense oxide protective film forms on the surface of aluminum, making it resistant to corrosion, so it is often used in the manufacture of medical equipment, chemical reactors, refrigeration equipment, petroleum refining equipment, oil and gas pipelines and so on.


Aluminum thermite is often used to melt refractory metals and welding rails. Aluminum is also used as a deoxidizer in the steel production process. Aluminum powder and graphite, titanium dioxide (or other high melting point metal oxides) according to a certain ability ratio can be uniformly distributed after mixing, coated in the metal, calcined at high temperatures and made of high-temperature-resistant metal structural ceramics, rockets and missiles have important applications in technology.

6. Combustion

Aluminum combustion in oxygen, releasing a large amount of heat and bright light, used in the manufacture of explosive compounds, such as ammonium-aluminum explosives (a mixture of aluminum powder, ammonium nitrate, charcoal powder, soot and other flammable organic substances), combustion mixtures (such as bombs and artillery shells made of aluminum thermite, can be used to attack targets difficult to fire or tanks, artillery, etc.) and illumination mixtures (eg, 28% of the aluminum powder, 68% of the barium nitrate and 4% shellac).

7. Decorative

Aluminum powder has a silver-white luster (the color of the metal in the general powder is mostly black), commonly used as paint, commonly known as silver powder, silver paint, to protect iron products from corrosion, beautiful.

8. Low temperature resistance

Low temperature resistance, aluminum at low temperatures, but its strength can increase without brittleness, so it is ideal for low-temperature treatment of the main material device, such as refrigerated warehouses, freezers, Antarctic snow vehicles, hydrogen oxide production technology devices.

9. Reflectivity

Aluminum also has good reflective properties, reflecting ultraviolet rays more strongly than silver. The purer the aluminum, the better the reflectivity, so it is often used to make high-quality mirrors, such as solar cooker mirrors.

10. Additives

Some food additives also contain aluminum metal like alum, bulking agent, leavening agent, etc. in some of the doughnuts, steamed buns, twisted, fans and some puffed food (potato chips), etc. are also used.

11. Sound-absorbing effect

Aluminum alloy has sound-absorbing properties, sound-absorbing effect is also very good, so the broadcasting room, modern large-scale construction of the ceiling also uses aluminum alloy. Many doors and windows in the home with aluminum alloy frame is also for this consideration.

At present, the aluminum industry has problems such as overcapacity and underutilization, and the short-term outlook for the domestic aluminum industry is difficult to look forward to. However, aluminum will still have a very wide range of applications in the future because of its abundant reserves in the earth's crust and its advantages over other metallic elements. For example, automakers are currently exploring the use of aluminum alloys to reduce the weight of cars by replacing steel on a large scale. As technology advances, aluminum alloy products will continue to grow rapidly not only in traditional applications such as aerospace, transportation, power electronics and construction, but also in new areas.

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