With the widespread use of smartphones and MicroStation the rapid growth of mobile Internet, deciding whether to create an app or a tiny program has become a key decision when creating a software project. As a seasoned software operator, I will highlight the operational factors for selecting an App or small application.

User encounter

The user experience is at the heart of ProjectWise software functioning, thus selecting the right App or tiny application is critical. With faster performance and more features, an app may give a more comprehensive user experience than a simple software. Smaller apps, on the other hand, are lighter and do not require downloading and installation, allowing users to use them immediately on WeChat and other platforms, which is easy and quick. As a result, while evaluating the user experience, you must select based on the characteristics of the application and the intended users. If a defined user group requires regular usage of the APP, it is directly downloaded to the phone, and the program may be launched on the phone's desktop for use. If the user group is not particular, the user will depart after usage, and the little application should be more convenient in scenarios such as code ordering, code scanning, code scanning purchasing, and other scenarios.

there is the expense of development.

When selecting an App or small software, one of the BIM Solution provider most significant elements to consider is development cost. Small program development costs less than App development and has a shorter development cycle. Small applications may be created with WeChat developer tools without the need for a separate programming environment or equipment. App development, on the other hand, necessitates the use of a specific development environment and equipment, as well as a lengthier development cycle and greater development expenditures. If the project budget is limited or time is limited, a small program may be more appropriate. If the requirements are not high, the current market small program has a lot of template products, the price is as low as a few hundred dollars, if you want to try a simple, do not consider the long-term development of the words, then directly choose the template products can be. However, if the requirements are extensive, a small program is also required for custom development, and the cost and APP are comparable.

there are promotion channels.

When selecting an app or a small program, one of the aspects to consider is the promotion channels. Small program is an application within the WeChat ecosystem, it is very convenient to promote, users can scan the QR code or search for the name can be used, can also be forwarded directly to the WeChat circle of friends, WeChat friends and WeChat groups, promotion is more convenient with the help of small programs + community. Apps, on the other hand, must be advertised through app stores and other means, and consumers must initiate the download and installation process. As a result, if the project requires rapid promotion and is dependent on WeChat and other platforms' user traffic, tiny programs may be preferable.

Functional specifications

When selecting an app or a tiny software, one of the elements that must be completely examined is functional needs. If the project requires complex functions and interactions, or if it must be deeply integrated with cell phone hardware, such as live broadcasting, short videos, social networking, games, and other projects, it may be more appropriate to select the App, which can make full use of the cell phone's hardware resources to provide richer functionality and a better interactive experience. Small programs, on the other hand, are basic and have a restricted set of functions. As a result, while examining functional needs, you must select based on the project's individual requirements.


Choosing between an app and a tiny program necessitates careful consideration of issues such as user experience, development expenses, advertising channels, and functional needs. If the project requires a better user experience, greater functionality, and deeper hardware integration while also having a suitable money and time, App may be a preferable choice. Small programs may be more suited if the project has a restricted budget, time restrictions, and relies on WeChat and other platforms for user traffic. Of course, many cases nowadays tend to use small programs and APPs in tandem, through small programs for attracting and promoting, APPs for customer conversion and retention, and converting WeChat public domain traffic into private domain traffic of their own APPs, so the final choice should be based on the specific circumstances and objectives of the project in order to achieve the best operational results, not a question of which one is go.

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