What are the different types of coffee brewing methods?

There are so many different ways to brew coffee around the world that it is impossible to describe them all, but the most typical, widespread and representative ones are the three main categories: steamed coffee, filter coffee and espresso.

Steamed coffee can also be called boiled coffee, and the most typical one is Turkish style coffee. This is a very finely ground coffee powder wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer soaked in water and boiled into the extraction process, the water temperature reaches 100 ℃, this type of coffee is really "boiled" out. Most people are accustomed to the excellent taste, cultural richness and popularity of Turkish-Style Boiled Coffee (Turkish-StyleBoiledCoffee) to do the "endorsement" of steamed coffee. But the truth is that similar coffee brewing methods are not exclusive to Turkey, and are still commonly spread in Ethiopia, Greece and its Arab region, when the United States was criticized for "cowboy coffee" is also so the coffee pot set on the fire boiling.

Under atmospheric pressure or close to atmospheric pressure, the coffee powder is directly immersed in water extraction, or with the net weight of the coffee powder itself for filter extraction brewing method is called filter coffee (BrewingCoffee), they are the favorite under the boutique coffee movement, but also today by the Asian coffee enthusiasts favored coffee brewing method.

Brewed coffee can be practically divided into DripBrewingCoffee and ImmersionBrewingCoffee. French press pots, siphon pots, Lovejoy press, hand brew (HandDrip), smart cups, Chemex pots and most other small coffee equipment equipment should be classified in this category. Filter coffee concentration is generally not high (2% or less), the color is relatively clear and transparent, brewing and taste methods are very similar to the tea.

Hand-brewed coffee. Shooting aphrodisiacs

Siphon pot brewed coffee

French press coffee

Espresso is a typical pressurizedextraction coffee, a type of coffee that is usually produced using a coffee machine with high pressure extraction, and is the "big brother" of the world's three major coffee brewing schools. Espresso is undoubtedly the favorite of Italians, and is actually divided into Espresso, Lungo and Ristretto078 three, but in the end it is a small one, put sugar and mix two or three bites directly after drinking the end, if not a cup or two in the morning, it can become a legal reason to strike. Other countries and regions customers usually can not stand the Italian type of small portions, high concentration, strong taste of the drink, directly add water to change the concentration plus adjust the extraction rate, there are Americano, LongBlack, CaffeCrema and other types of Italian black coffee. More common drinking method is based on espresso directly add milk, milk coffee capsule froth, etc. to make milk coffee or other fancy coffee. The family of espresso-based coffee drinks is currently the main source of revenue for most cafes around the world, and most baristas use it as the key to making coffee, and it has given rise to many elements such as the art of buttermilk pulling.

European families used to love to use the moka pot is unique, its design structure to promote the extraction of the airtight cavity can bring slightly more than an atmospheric pressure boosting effect, to promote the taste of coffee more thick, into a temporary replacement for Espresso's strong black coffee, breakfast for the deployment of milk coffee is quite good, but I generally still include it in the filter coffee range.