the use of vertical grounding

The silent efforts of countless people are required for social progress. For example, s17+ antminerthe growing size of our cities necessitates a large number of workers working on construction sites at all hours of the day and night. They eat and sleep on the job sites. They used to live in prefabricated houses, but such houses were prone to accidents. Container residents have completely replaced prefabricated houses in recent years and are far more powerful than its time unaware.

The main advantage of 1resident containers is that they are fully functional and combine the benefits of numerous other products. Its structure is similar to a housing structure, with the following characteristics: the external wall panels on all four sides of the house are made of the same cold-rolled corrugated steel plates, the walls are filled with foam polyurethane insulation, the internal wall panels are made of polystyrene color steel sandwich panels, and square tube columns are set at the house's corners.

2.The residential container has multiple functions due to the filling of multiple materials and the Miner shopperfection of structure. It has a good heat preservation function, as well as a good fireproof and heat insulation function, which adds to its safety. Most importantly, as the product evolves, it becomes more and more like home.

3.Although the installation work and material requirements of the container room are strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards, this does not imply that everything will be fine once production is completed. Users should regularly check the use of the product to prevent safety hazards in order to ensure the quality and life of the product.

einsteineruploading up to get together with. The container inside the general business will be electrified, and will be equipped with the corresponding electrical engineering equipment, so the safety of electricity is certain to be considered. We should check the grounding situation and whether it also conforms to the Chinese national safety standards at the time of purchase service product development and after using a period of working time learning, general grounding resistance greater than or equal to 10 ohms, the use of vertical grounding body, each time after the portable containerinstallation should check whether the terminal connection can be reliable.

Determine whether the overall structure is aligned with the overall plan. Camping is not a simple structure; the designer will first create a master plan, which should not be underestimated. As long as the requirements of the design drawings are followed, the construction products will not appear to be shaky and unstable.