How do I match the curtains' color?

1. Color scheme for curtains that clash:

1 gray + 1 orange: appropriate for light luxury wind

Grey-based, bumped into the orange color scheme, the cold tones + bright warm tones boldly put together, a collision of a cool and enthusiastic design tone, this curtain color scheme is more common with the scheme in the design of the light luxury style.

2Blue and yellow: appropriate for American, minimalist, and other styles

Blue is a calm color, whereas yellow isblind curtain vibrant and warm. A quiet, comfortable, and warm atmosphere can be created by combining blue and yellow in the curtain color scheme. This is also an excellent choice for Scandinavian, minimalist, and other decorative styles.

③ Grey and yellow: appropriate for modern, Scandinavian, and other styles.

Grey is a popular color in minimalist, modern, and Scandinavian styles, and it is also a very versatile color in decorating.

Grey and pink: feminine, straightforward, and romantic

Pink is a feminine color, many girls or goddesses decoration, will add pink elements inside the bedroom, curtains as one of the main soft furnishing elements, but I do not quite recommend doing a large area all pink, because the pink color number is not well chosen, it is easy to look old-fashioned; therefore, in adding pink curtains with, it is recommended that the main color of the space soft furnishings, such as the case of furniture with grey. Curtains to be gray-based, and then a touch of pink in the middle of the color clash, so that the space appears harmonious and simple romantic.

2, curtains clash with a few color principles:

1 color mixing ratio for curtains

In general, it is not recommended to make 55 points of the color scheme, as this will give people a "no focus" feeling. It is recommended to use a 28 or 37 distribution, with the main color accounting for 7-8% and the secondary colorroller blind accounting for 2-3%, with the main color being similar to the main furniture color and the secondary color being similar to the color of the embellishment elements.

Then, to take the vertical clash of colors, take the "two sides of the large + middle small cut" of the clash of colors, so that the curtains unfolded the two sides of the curtain splicing, the small secondary colors together into a more complete sense of design.

Colors that contrast

If the curtains clash with color, they will usually be in two contrasting colors, with a higher contrast, combining cool and warm colors to create a visual impact.

3The main color is similar to the color of the space's soft furnishings.

When the curtains clash, it is recommended that the main color of the curtains be the same as the soft furnishings in the space (such as large pieces of furniture), so that the curtains maintain a harmonious visual with the space, and then the secondary colors can be used with a certain contrast of colors to increase the sense of jump in the space.

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