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Bitcoin has attracted more and more attention since one of the big bitmain t17+bull markets last year. People in the market often talk about bitcoin, bitcoin miners, mining, etc. Many of these words are familiar to many people, and there are many people who can't understand them, so I'm going to talk to you today and tell you what they are.

1.Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a P2P form of decentralized digital electronic currency proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 (the decentralized nature of P2P and algorithm research can effectively ensure that companies cannot achieve artificial manipulation of the value of the currency by carrying out a large number of Chinese manufacturing bitcoins); Bitcoin does not rely on a specific monetary financial institution company to issue, but needs to be based on a specific algorithm, through the analysis of a large number of computational power, and its total number is limited to 21 million forever (the total number is also very limited and extremely scarce). Bitcoins can be used primarily to exchange for most of our national currencies, but can also be used optionally as a direct influence to purchase goods or services.

2.Bitcoin miner: A device used to earn bitcoins, usually using specialized mining chips. antminer a10 proBecause bitcoins are created through computation, we need specialized computing hardware to do the math for the bitcoin network modules so that we can get paid in bitcoins to provide computing services. This specialized computing equipment is a bitcoin miner.

3.Mining: Every 10 minutes, the world's "miners" come together to solve an arithmetic problem. Whoever can solve it quickly and accurately gets the bookkeeping rights, which is equivalent to mining the piece, and the miner is rewarded with bitcoins from the new system.

Additional knowledge:

When Bitcoin was first invented, you could mine it through your computer's CPU. As the number of miners increased and the CPUs kept failing to mine bitcoins, we started using professional machines to mine it.

If you want to mine and want to become a miner, it's actually relatively easy. a10 pro minerYou can start mining by buying specialized computing equipment and downloading mining software.

Mining does not necessarily require you to do the calculations yourself, it is all done by a computer to perform a specific computing power on it.

How to buy mining machinery, the main two points to look at, first is the computing power, and second is the power consumption.

If two machines consume essentially the same amount of power, then it depends on the computing power, meaning the less cost effective how many of the same computing units I have to spend.